June 7, at 7pm EST

Group Chakra Cleanse Meditation


I am so pumped to re-start what has historically been everyone's very favorite meditation!

"I LOVE Selina’s Chakra Cleanse. It left me very peaceful and my stress was totally released by the time we were complete."


If you were part of our Chakra crew in the past, welcome back!

If you are new to this calming, peaceful experience, get ready Beloved, to release daily tension, stress and worry as we clear all the energies that do not serve your highest good and the highest good for all, from your system!

During each Chakra Cleanse I will take you through a deeply relaxing practice and then we go right into the work of releasing the foreign and negative energy you are holding. Spirit will then come in at each Chakra center and share an important message for the collective.

We start promptly at 7pm EST and after a few moments of hellos we go right into the cleanse.

You will notice a few changes as we begin our Chakra Cleanse again.

I will be recording each cleanse and will be sending recordings to everyone on the call the day after.

There is now a $15 fee for each person attending the Chakra Cleanse.

Please Note: If finances are an issue for you, please sign up for my transmission meditation on Tuesday nights once a month, which are totally free.

Once you sign up you'll receive a message each month announcing the Chakra Cleanse with a link inside to sign up, pay and receive the zoom information for each month’s  cleanse.

Can’t wait to see you there!!!

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Rachel Pesso

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Floating Head

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