Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life!

You’ve come to the right place if you are ready to experience NEW huge shifts in the way you walk in your world!

  • If you are done with worry and anxiety and eager to welcome in excitement, abundance and peace...
  • If you are tired of still judging the world and yourself harshly and wish to develop deep loving relationships...
  • If you are ready to lose the outmoded stories you still hold (but don’t know how) that keep you stuck and far from living in abundance...
  • If you know that shifting your way of being will be more fun with guidance and a community of conscious loving beings at your side...

Welcome to my new monthly membership group:

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life!

When you sign up for CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE (CYFCYL) you will start working in FEBRUARY of 2023, alongside people who move forward in their positive beliefs, people who are committed to making conscious choices and taking the actions that are needed in order to place themselves in high vibration 24/7.

CYFCYL Provides You:

Monthly LIVE topic oriented community teachings via Zoom that contain information and inspiration and will immediately seed you with high frequency energy, inspiring you to make the shifts you need to.

Our next 3 topics include:

  • How to replace worry and anxiety with calm and equanimity
  • Let go of expectations and open to abundance
  • How to bring active gratitude into your life despite your current circumstances

In addition to our monthly teachings you'll also receive:

  • An Affirmation that has been specifically created for each month’s teaching that will support you in your transformation.
  • A Mediation or Practice that is profound, transformative and proactive to use throughout out the month in order to vibrationally anchor in the teachings you received and the work you are doing around that topic.
  • Providing you the most complete support possible, you'll be invited to our community Chakra Cleanse each month for free! This is an opportunity for all of the members in our group to meet together live with the members of the larger  community as we clear our energy fields, releasing any negative energy you’ve created and spirit will channel through specific messages that our collective needs to hear at that time.
  • As we all seek to change our world as we change ourselves, you'll also receive an invitation to my monthly Transmission Meditation. Transmission, is a beautiful meditation practiced throughout the world. As we meet together every month spirit comes and takes our positive energy, moving it to different places in the world where it is needed. We benefit as spirit overshadows us and the world benefits from the energy of peace that we enable spirit to share.

Recap of what you get each month:
  • Monthly Live zoom meetings and recorded audio files of our zoom TEACHINGS WITH GUIDANCE ON PIVOTAL SHIFTS YOU NEED TO MAKE IN ORDER TO TRULY OPEN TO ABUNDANCE
  • Affirmations to accompany each teaching that anchor in the frequency of the shift you need to make.
  • FREE Chakra Cleansing via an invitation only monthly Chakra Cleanse Meditation.
  • Monthly Transmission Meditation meetings. This is your opportunity to have your growth benefit our world!
  • PLUS: Monthly opportunities to win a no-fee 1on1 teaching session with me.

I am committed to creating a global community of people who are conscious, who accept responsibility for their own behavior and who choose to be the light, the kindness, and the peace that they wish to see in the world.

I am also dedicated to offering services that are affordable and that's why I have consciously kept the fee low.

Yes! I'm Ready to Become the Change I Want to See in the World!

I can’t express how excited I am that you will be joining us!
Once you sign up you will receive a note sharing all the information and details you need to join us at our next meeting on February 11th.