Work Study Master Class

Monks Without Monasteries

This course is based on my newest book, “Monks Without Monasteries: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Lives.” The group explores individually and together the steps we need to take to use our daily life as the transformational tool it was meant to be.

This course is a deep dive into how we can respond to any difficulty in life as an opportunity to actively and consistently change our frequencies and increase our consciousness via the many manifestations of love.

The group meets once a month, for 10 months. Each month is devoted to a chapter of the book. I’ll deliver a teaching; we’ll dialogue and we’ll systematically move through the book. All the while, you are using this new knowledge as you go through your days. The book is filled with stories and practices and the group grows in conscious and in support of each other as the months progress.

This master class is for people already on a spiritual path. Groups are created selectively throughout the year.

This is a phenomenal opportunity to work with the author and master teacher, and feel the grace of others bringing their unique experiences to the gathering.

If you are ready to take a deep dive to learn how to live your spiritual beliefs, fill out the application now.

What Students Are Saying...

“I have found the opportunity to compare what we have all read and how we have used the information in our daily lives to be invaluable. The information in the book and what I am gaining from our group, is rich and impactful. I’m receiving so much benefit from building friendships and trust with the others who are also on this journey of learning how to be Monks Without Monasteries. Thank you!”


CEO - Canuvo

"For such deep work, Monks Without Monasteries is an easy read and the practices given are very powerful and helped me to see that I am accountable for my actions. Meeting each month with a group of like minded souls who come together to discuss each chapter and share how we all are using the information in our lives, is priceless."


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