How To Live Like a Monk Without a Monastery...
AND Live YOUR Extraordinary Life!


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A Monk Without a Monastery refers to YOU walking through your daily life living your spiritual values and truths and benefiting from your actions.

Years ago if you chose to take on this task, you would have left for a cave in the Himalayas, a convent for nuns or you would have entered the priesthood or become a rabbi.

But today we are tasked with staying here and living our values, and being Monks Without Monasteries as we walk through our everyday life, which is not easy in our tech oriented, busy, busy world.

/ Are you having more and more difficulty living the values that you truly believe?

/ Is your mind racing, do you find yourself in harsh judgment of yourself and others in situations?

/ Are you manifesting the life you desire?

During our 90 minutes together you will learn:

How to quiet your overactive mind

Two phrases that can change any high emotional state into a place of peace and calm

The power of observation which can replace your need for judgment and opinion

Let's be clear beloved, we both know that you can't begin to manifest any wishes and desires until you are in consistent high frequency.

For when you were in fear and worry that energy blocks your ability to create the abundance you seek.

Right now your brain is most likely hyper-active, your opinions galvanized and emotionally charged, your day full of tasks.

But once you learn the powerful tools that I'll be bringing to our workshop you'll have valuable assets that can shift your world dramatically, into one of peace and calm, a world  that finally  finds you vibrationally seated in positivity - ready to develop the life that you desire!

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Be prepared to learn powerful new tools that will cost you absolutely nothing but your willingness to use them.

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