Reserve your seat and bring me your spiritual path questions!  Won't you join me?


Ask Me Anything!

When was the last time you had the opportunity to ask a spiritual teacher any question you have about your spiritual practice?

As a teacher, I hear these questions all the time…

“I can’t meditate… no matter how hard I try I simply can’t stop my thoughts.”

“Why can’t I manifest any of my wishes and desires?”

“I keep trying to be positive but then I hear of another tragic world event and I feel helpless, how can I help myself and others?”

If you're already on a spiritual path or are curious about spiritual solutions to your personal and world issues, please join me on Saturday, September 10th at 4:00 PM Eastern and ASK ME ANYTHING!

Once you sign up you are in and need to do nothing more. (My team and I will do all the heavy lifting 🙂

About Selina

Selina Maitreya

teacher of practical spirituality

Selina Maitreya is an internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality.

Practical Spirituality is a transformational teaching that utilizes one's daily life as the practice pad for increased consciousness and connection to higher wisdom.

Working with Selina, Heart Centered Coaches, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Practitioners, learn how to access and actualize their highest wisdom 24/7, and live lives that enable them to create the abundance and peace that they seek.

P.S. Be a Good World Citizen!

Please invite any friends or family members who you feel would benefit from the opportunity to speak with a spiritual mentor.