Practice What I Teach Goodness Gracious

You Are A Deep Spiritual Student

Yet, you have not fully integrated your values into action and your life is still not a reflection of your beliefs.

Do you curse or bless the motorist that cuts you off? Do you
celebrate a life lived or do you linger in the sadness of a life lost?

You possess spiritual muscles that you’ve been training and strengthening; what I do is give those muscles the ability to elevate during daily life difficulties and under duress and disarray. An affirmative reaction to others is also an affirming reaction to one’s self.

Making your daily life an expression of your spirituality will fill you with light and lighten your soul. By tapping into the frequency of love, gratitude and peace, you truly create a life of oneness with the world, and a home for abundance to flourish. Let me guide you there.

Spirited Work

Do you actually possess a positive spiritual life if it doesn’t manifest in your everyday living? We have the ability to choose positivity and love over negativity and hate, but we need the tools and training. I’ll teach you how to see difficulty as an opportunity to respond on a higher frequency with unexpected grace and love. I’ll show you how to alter the low rumbling frequencies that drive and intensify collision and chaos.

Work with me to transform and transfer your spirituality from the safe glow of candles to the hard glare of
everyday reality.  

I empower my students to reconnect to their higher frequencies which enables them to override their habitual responses to irritation, difficulties and tragedies so that they can create space for abundance of all sorts to manifest in their lives.

Many of my students are spiritual teachers, yogis, entrepreneurs and leaders. These students have others coming to them for guidance, but are self-aware enough to recognize that they are still out of alignment with their beliefs. They understand that their own life is not a daily manifestation of their commitment to a higher life of love.

My students learn to transform any difficulty into higher frequency, purposely creating a life filled with peace and calm regardless of their circumstances. From there, abundance, gratitude and love have an energetic place to call home.

Transformational Opportunities

Spiritual Mentoring 1-on-1

After workshops, videos, books, meditation, and yoga, you remain spiritually plateaued. You know the path, but you can’t take that greater step alone. It’s time for you to find your teacher.

I know one.

Working 1-on-1 with me will teach you to use your daily life as your transformative tool for spiritual growth. This is where things get truly, seriously and effectively personal. This is where Spirituality becomes Practical.

If you're ready to make a direct and enlightened connection to the source with in you please contact me to schedule a 30- minute free informational call.

Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life Work Study Group

This course is based on my newest book, “Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life: How to Respond with Love to Life's Difficulties” The group explores individually and together the steps we need to take to use our daily life as the transformational tool it was meant to be.

This course is a deep dive into how we can respond to any difficulty in life as an opportunity to actively and consistently change our frequencies, and increase our consciousness via the many manifestations of love.

The group meets once a month, for 10 months. Each month is devoted to a chapter of the book. I’ll deliver a teaching; we’ll dialogue and we’ll systematically move through the book. All the while, you are using this new knowledge as you go through your days. The book is filled with stories and practices and each group grows in consciousness as we do our work and support each other.

This master class is for people already on a spiritual path. Groups are created selectively throughout the year.  

This is a phenomenal opportunity to work directly with Selina and to experience the grace of others, as you bring your unique experiences gleaned from your work with the book, to the gathering.

What Students Are Saying...

"I value Selina’s practical approach to spirituality because it is with the application of information where most of us struggle. How often do we catch ourselves saying – “I know…” while continuing to move through the ruts of our daily routines as though we know nothing at all? That is why Selina is the “teacher for teachers.” She not only knows the intangible, governing principles, but also lives them. And it is this real-life mergence between thought and action that leads to true wisdom and the ability to guide others in living their truth. Selina listens closely, feels deeply, thinks clearly and speaks with a powerful grace that touches the soul."

Julia Simkin

Transformational Coach

"Working with Selina deepened and expanded my life, my spiritual practice, my world outlook in so many powerful ways! Her wise counsel, laser-insights, and profound channelings from Spirit really nudged me to consider new perspectives and ways of being. And I now have a “library” of her amazing meditations to tap into whenever I need to be inspired, grounded or energized. Thank you, Selina, for your compassion, your open heart and your practical, spiritual support."

Deborah Roth

Spirited Living Teacher

Sage Peterson

“I was stuck as a business owner. Everything I had done up to that point was no longer working, and the company was suffering. That all changed due to the work I have done with Selina. Our teachings have been a focal point for creating the necessary changes within myself. I realize now that my struggle was not just with the business. The work with Selina is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The teachings are compelling. I’m blessed to have found such a fantastic teacher. If not for Selina, I’m not sure who I could have gone to for help.”

Sage Peterson

Co-Founder, Canuvo

Susan Silverman

"When I met Selina, I knew I was on a path, but I didn’t know where I was going, or how to get there. I believed there was a more meaningful way to live my life and that it came from within ME. Selina helped me discover the “tools” to make this a reality. Her wisdom, warmth and humor filter through her teaching and made the connection to spirit that much more accessible. I have experienced a change in my “frequency” — a shift — as I experience life day to day. I am grateful for all the “good things” in my life and now have the grace and wisdom to better navigate the “murky waters” when challenged. I have an inner strength in the knowledge that I can choose how I react to a situation. My heart is more open and I am grateful to Selina for her gift of teaching — showing me how to create a richer life for myself."

Susan Silverman

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Selina in helping to find answers of both a personal and professional nature. Having known her for a little while, I was expecting it to be a pleasant experience, but I was not prepared for the depth of the learning. Selina truly taps into Universal knowledge and allows the learnings and guidance to flow. There is a profound sense that what she delivers is not only right, but it is true. I treasure the experience.”

Janet Neal


Pamela Cucinell

"Selina Maitreya is an adept. She leads her client through a meditative, revelatory teaching and then fuses her personal wisdom and experience to balance and ground the session. Every teaching with Selina strengthens my sense of what to do next, which sometimes is simply to observe where I am. The teachings can be used for daily support and always supply a welcome recharge. Her work empowers my sense of purpose and helps me to maintain balance in a chaotic world!"

Pamela Cucinell


“In our yoga practice, we use the body and breath to draw our awareness into the present moment. And in that moment, clarity and awareness is gained. Selina's teachings are the bridge bringing clarity and awareness to our lives off the mat. The teachings and tools of Practical Spirituality create powerful changes that positively affect our daily lives.”

Alyssa Snow

Ceo -

Jan Goldstoff

"Selina Maitreya is a uniquely gifted teacher for spiritual teachers and coaches. She has a healing voice and soul. Her teachings and blessings are life -changing. I refer my clients (spiritual teachers and Healers) to her continuously!"

Jan Goldstoff

NY PR Consultant to healers and spiritual teachers