Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life

Work-Study GROUP

This course is based on my newest book, the working title is: “Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life: How to Respond with Love to Life's Difficulties.”
As a group we individually and collectively take the steps we need in order use our daily life as the Spiritual practice it was meant to be.

We learn how to access, and actualize the high frequency of love (our true self) as our response to any irritation or chaos that lands.
Together we take a deep dive into how we can respond to any difficulty in life from love, which empowers us to be in an open state, ready to welcome abundance, as we actually increase our consciousness.

As a group we meet once a month, for 10 months. Each month is devoted to a different chapter of the book that we review in each subsequent meeting.

This is a phenomenal opportunity to work with the author and master teacher, and feel the grace of others bringing their unique experiences to the gathering.

Access the introduction to the book to see the value of this work-study group!

Message From Selina Maitreya

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About The Work-Study Group

The Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life Work-Study Group begins October, 2024.

All meetings to be held on Sundays between 4-6pm EST.

This session, the group is open to only 10 enthusiastic participants!

The meeting schedule will include the following:

  • An Intro Meeting
  • 10 Monthly 2-hr Chapter Review Meetings
  • A Final Review / Celebration Meeting

Next Session Begins October 2024

Membership is on a first come, first served basis and SEATS WILL FILL LONG BEFORE THE DOORS CLOSE.

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For such deep work, Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life is an easy read and the practices given are very powerful and helped me to see that I am accountable for my actions. Meeting each month with a group of like minded souls who come together to share and discuss each chapter and how we all used the information in our lives is priceless.


The Intro Meeting

It's time to meet Selina and the group participants!

This meeting will be all about getting to know everyone in the group, review our work ahead and discuss group guidelines.  Bring any questions you have about this special work-study and I'll be happy to answer them in this intro meeting.

You will also be receiving the first chapter to read, review and use during the next 3 weeks until we meet in October.

The 2-hr Study Meetings

These are the ongoing work-study meetings that continue for 10 months. Each month is devoted to a chapter of the book.

Selina will deliver a teaching; we’ll dialogue and we’ll systematically move through the book. All the while, you are using this new knowledge as you go through your days.

The book is filled with stories and practices and the group grows in consciousness and in support of each other as the months progress.

Each meeting has 2 parts...


The meetings open with a discussion on the previous month's teaching:

  • What parts of the teaching resonated with you?
  • Which exercises did you take on?
  • What did you discover?
  • What changes are you seeing in your state and behavior that has come from your work?
  • Selina answers any questions and our group discusses the teaching together!


Then we move on the new teaching for the current month:

  • Group discussion around new teaching material.
  • Selina answers questions on the new teaching.

These meetings are repeated for 10 months until the work is complete. That's 20 hours of group training with Selina!

The Final Review & Celebration

Now it's time to celebrate!!

This meeting will be held 2 weeks after Week 10 to review and discuss what we have learned, gained and how we see our lives have changed.

This book is a magical coping tool.  And I love that each time I re-read it I learn something new that I hadn’t thought about before. Our group was a source of inspiration and joy for me!


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In Addition To The Monthly Study Meetings, You Will Also Receive...

  • At the end of our 10 months together you will receive your very own signed copy of the printed version of the book!
  • Each month you will receive a new Spiritual Practice from Selina to use that will transform daily irritations into peace.
  • Recordings of each meeting.

the Value of Group Participation

what can This Group Study help you with? 


Place yourself in flow and full receivership, as you provide support and are assisted by the group and Selina as you do your work to become a Monk Without a Monastery


Bonding with other like-minded people who are committed to their spiritual enlightenment.


Opportunity to learn the techniques and receive spiritual teachings and guidance from Selina as you move through the program.


Peer-to-peer accountability enables you to gain valuable insights and perspectives, finding yourself more inspired to take action and encourage each other.

Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life

I so appreciated going through the book (which is a gem!) in a group format. Other people's experiences enriched mine. Having a group kept me accountable and deepened my thinking. I felt safe to share my shortcomings.

Laura, Psychologist

What are you waiting for! Get in on this amazing opportunity to start living an extraordinary life.

What Other Students Are Saying...

Our MWM group was fantastic!!!

"I have found the opportunity to compare what we have all read to sharing how this has impacted us in our daily lives- invaluable. The learning is rich and impactful. I’m getting so much benefit from building friendships and trust with others who follow this journey. Thank you!"


(CEO, Canuvo)


I felt safe to share my shortcomings.

"I so appreciated going through the book (which is a gem!) in a group format. Other people's experiences enriched mine.
Having a group kept me accountable and deepened my thinking. I felt safe to share my shortcomings."


( Psychologist)


The book is easy to read and understand.

"Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life is written very well, easy to read and understand. I also like the way the book is organized… providing just enough information per chapter so it doesn't feel overwhelming. The information was totally transformational and shared in the proper order, with each concept building on the previous one."


( Astrologer/Coach)


About Your Teacher

Selina Maitreya

teacher of practical spirituality

Selina Maitreya is an internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality.

Practical Spirituality is a transformational teaching that utilizes one's daily life as the practice pad for increased consciousness and connection to higher wisdom.

Heart centered coaches, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Spiritual educators learn how to access and actualize their highest wisdom 24/7, and living lives that are enable them to create the abundance and peace they seek.

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Thanks for your interest in my online program based on my new book: Raise Your Frequency Transform Your Life.

The ten-month work study program is a powerful tutorial that provides you tools and teachings to bring into your everyday life in order to learn how to respond to any life difficulty from Love.

Whether it be daily irritations or major life tragedies you'll be fully prepared to use every piece of difficulty as an opportunity to increase your consciousness and move to a place of peace.

Please enter your information and I will be in contact with you as soon as the fall 2024 program is being organized.

In Gratitude
With Grace,

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