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An internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality, Selina empowers her students by showing them how to reactivate and actualize their energy fields so they can respond to any chaos that lands in their daily life from one of their highest frequencies: peace, kindness, compassion, tolerance, understanding, wisdom, gratitude and grace.

Consciously choosing an energetic response to one’s life enables students to be able to turn any difficulty into an opportunity to be in high frequency energy which enables them to manifest their wishes and move through their life with peace and certainty, grace and ease.

Past Live Events INCLUDE

  • Evening of Grace, Artworks Studio & Gallery, Pensacola, FL
  • Open to Receive, Golden Rolodex Group, Open Center, NYC
  • It’s All About Energy Baby!, Hari Yoga, NYC
  • Being in the Present Moment, Mind Body Soul Yoga, NYC
  • TS Center, 21 Maple St., Arlington, MA
  • Temple of Oneness, Woodstock, NY
  • Women of Woodstock, Rosendale, NY
  • Holistic Chamber Of Commerce, Los Angeles, CA
  • OneSpirit Learning Alliance, NYC, NY
  • Mind Body Soul Yoga, NYC, NY

What Hosts Are Saying...

"Selina Maitreya commands a room, plain and simple. She has a unique capability to deliver a forceful message in a spiritual and loving way. At Women At Woodstock 2017, where she led a workshop for women over 50 on "Opening to Receive," she not only presented a thought-provoking body of information, she stimulated a discussion that grew quite naturally, flowing in the direction intended without seeming to be artificially controlled. Selina is truly a masterful thought leader; I would recommend her for any group, practical or spiritual, large or small."

Ann Voorhees Baker

Founder, Women At Woodstock

"In this tumultuous time in all our lives, learning to become calm and peaceful is a great gift. Selina gives us that gift so easily and masterfully."

Carol Hyatt

Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Mission: Getting to Next

Gathering Energy

I’d love the opportunity to connect with your audience, tribe and people about this revolutionary work.
This is the work of actually using daily difficulties as transformational opportunities to increase consciousness and build a deep life of equanimity and abundance.

Please contact me with inquiries about speaker at your event, or about creating an event for your group. 

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