Are You Ready to Manifest Your Deepest Wishes and Desires?


Spiritual practices have finally come into the mainstream!

Yoga studios are everywhere and meditation apps fill the Internet.

Even students, as early as kindergarten are being taught how to manage their emotions by going to quiet, instead of being removed from the class for a time out, now it’s a time "in".

One of the most popular spiritual practices being shared amongst all is the art and alchemy of manifestation.

Manifestation is a process where you are able to actually bring your deepest wishes and desires, those that serve your highest good, into the physical world.

Perhaps you’ve long been afflicted by continual pain that you can't wait to release.

Or maybe you still can't get ahead of your financial situation no matter how hard you try.

And then of course - there's the perfect partner that may still elude you…

As a spiritual teacher, one who has been brought here to teach you how to turn any piece of difficulty into joy and peace, I can attest that the art of manifestation is very real!

However, most of the information on the Internet about manifestation is not at all accurate and if you are using information that is incomplete, you won’t be manifesting your wishes into form any time soon.

There is actually a process to manifestation. There are steps you need to take, and energy you need to shift, in order for you to truly be able to manifest that which you desire into your life.

Most likely you don't have the information you need, and any practices you take to manifest will fall flat.

I want to teach you how to manifest your wishes and desires so that they show up in your daily life.

I feel confident that I can teach you how to manifest, as my life is an expression of one Blessed manifestation after another.

As a teacher of Practical Spirituality, I have utilized the manifestation practices given to me by the Masters of Oneness repeatedly.

When I was 1 year into healing my traumatic brain injury, doctors told me that what I was capable of doing at that point, was all I would be able to do, for the rest of my life.

When they told me this, my life was a wreck.
I was living off my savings as I could work for only 1 hour a day.

I had no energy, everything even taking a short shower required a huge effort. It was impossible for me to go to restaurants or museums because the light, energy and noise from crowds was physically painful for my brain.

I spent most of the time by myself, cause it was more difficult to carry on  conversation then it was to be alone.

But, I was not willing to accept my doctor's dire prognosis.
Right away I started manifesting a healthy body and brain that was capable of whatever I needed it to do.

I did all the work I needed to do for years,
And now, I'm 95% recovered.

My manifestation didn't stop there.

Limited in funds, I still manifested the home of my dreams, living on a beautiful pond surrounded by nature and loving neighbors.

In a world where almost, no one gets a publisher and people have to self-publish, I manifested an experienced, well-respected publisher who believes in my book and is bringing it into the world in June 2024.

I want to share the secrets of manifestation that I have learned with you, and if you are still reading, you’ve clearly got wishes and desires that you want to bring into your life, and I want to teach you how to do just that!

Here’s How It Works:

You hit the link below to make your payment and register for an apt with me.

I'll reach out to you via email and we'll set up an apt on zoom or via phone for 90 minutes.

During our time together, I’ll ask you to articulate the deepest desires you hold, that are for your highest good and the highest good for all.

You choose one wish and we begin!

I’ll take you into a guided manifestation where you will start the process of proclaiming your wish.

I will then take you into a practice to embody your wishes in order for them to be rooted in the physical world. (This is a key step that many miss)

I’ll provide you with steps to take to continue to complete the work.

When the practice is over you will receive a recorded audio file of your time together that you can utilize over and over to reinforce the energy of manifestation.

I‘ll also provide you with steps to take to continue to complete the work.

And that’s it.
From there you continue to do your work until the manifestation occurs.

The fee for the meeting with me and for your evergreen audio recording and steps for completion is: $150.00

My usual fee for a 1on1 teaching is $165 an hour and I never sign people up for only one teaching. But once you have our meeting, you'll know how to truly manifest and you won't need my help again learning how to bring your wishes into your world.

After we are complete, I will send you the recording of our teaching that you get to use over and over and over..

Each time you utilize the recording you are creating the pathway for your manifestation to appear in the physical world.

I've opened up 10 appointments on my calendar so sign up now or these spots will be gone.

Manifest Your Deepest wishes and Desires!

Reach out to me now, and before you know it, you'll be manifesting like a pro!



Upon signing up and paying for a manifestation meditation with Selina Maitreya you accept the responsibility for your work to be fully present during our time together and to utilize the audio file that will be sent from our meeting over and over and over in order to manifest your wishes and desires.

Selina Maitreya makes no claims about the length of time or the form in which your desires will appear and is not responsible for whether or not your wishes are met.