I don't know about you beloved, but when one of my nearest and dearest is in need I used to just plow in with help, telling them my opinions, giving them ideas about what they could do. I always felt that that was the best I could do for them.

But as I became committed to conscious actions in my life, I realized that I never asked my beloved what it was they truly needed. I just assumed that the type of support I chose to offer would be helpful for them. But as I never asked them first , I truly never knew what they needed most.

Recently I was introduced to a question that gives those we seek to help the opportunity to tell us how they can be helped best.

Take a listen it's time for a Pond Talk with Selina!

P.S. You don't need to identify as a spiritual student to benefit from the information I'm sharing, listen to the video - learn and enjoy.

P.S.S. Be a good friend and share this video with someone you feel will appreciate the message 🙂

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