So many times we are moved to take big steps in our life, thinking that only huge leaps forward are important .

And while we are called at times to leap into the unknown, holding on to our faith as we travel through space, make sure you don’t miss the small moments that occur daily, that truly add up.

You know, the time you made eye contact followed by a smile with the stranger across the train platform, or the hug a friend gave you when you needed it so badly, or the time when you stopped in the middle of your busy day to notice how stunning the weather was, how crisp the air, how bright the sun.

Our lives are filled with small moments that truly matter.
In fact some say our life is an accumulation of all of these times.

Take a listen to this months Pond Talk on the small moments of our life that are not to be missed 😉

If you are seeking to increase your awareness of the small moments in your life, or find you are in need of more patience, compassion and tolerance for yourself and others... if you know its time to deepen your work, please reach out to me and lets set up a time (no fee) to talk.

Happy Holidays!

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