In our practice of becoming conscious our first step is to become aware of how we walk in the world.

We train ourselves to actively notice our thoughts, our actions our emotions, and we seek to shift them to peace and neutrality.

As you are in observation of yourself, you'll notice times where you have mis-steps, perhaps you say foolish things - we all do - and sometimes you've may have even caused hurt to another.

Most people's initial response to recognizing their unconscious acts is to go to guilt, but that's a trap and a distraction from the peace that you seek.

Instead, I suggest that you take on 4 new action steps. Observation, Acknowledgement and Rectification.

  1. Observe what you did that didn’t serve.
  2. Acknowledge your mis-step.
  3. Accept responsibility for your actions and then?
  4. Give yourself Grace.

While all of these steps require your attention and effort, giving yourself Grace may be the toughest one for you to accomplish.

That’s why this month’s pond talk address how you can replace your guilt, with the gift of Grace !

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