Your life is filled with all types of experiences, and it is the energy you hold as you respond to each situation, that truly creates your next moment.

That means that your state of happiness or stress is created by you, not by what’s landed in your world.

Please read that statement again and sit with the importance of those words.

You and you alone are responsible for your happiness and peace, and it is your energetic response to every difficult moment that appears in your world, that is key to creating your peaceful life.

What freedom those words hold!

For it’s not the event itself, it is your energetic response to the event that creates your next moment.

And CHOICE my dear one, is where your power lies.

But choosing to shift your frequency when difficulty arrives is not just an action, it’s an effort, one that is herculean!

For responding to difficulty from love is not part of your human history.

Let’s get real…

When you’re driving at the start of your day and you’re feeling great, you can’t wait for the day to begin and then suddenly in the midst of your excitement, another driver immediately cuts you off on the road. You are startled and scared, followed by you feeling irritated and angry.

In that moment, are you feeling like you have a choice in your response?

As you come home at the end of a rough day where you’ve worked hard – you’re tired and stressed and are happy to be home and just want to unwind – but your partner has a list of complaints that they greet you with.

In that moment are you really feeling like giving them a loving response??

Most likely your response to each situation is a big NO !!

Your historic human response is to reply to each of these low vibe situations with more of the same.

You curse the driver or give them the finger. You shut down or scream at your partner.

Rarely do you find yourself blessing the driver, sending them on their way and wishing them safety.
Seldom will you sit patiently listening to your partner, or kindly asking them if you could discuss this at another time because you’ve had a tough day.

It’s almost impossible to change the frequency when chaos lands because you’ve been historically trained to respond to chaos with more of the same.

Let’s look for a moment at your history of how you’ve been responding to difficulty since you were born.

As a small infant before you had the capacity for language, you communicated your discomfort through crying. When your diaper was wet or when you were hungry you cried. When you experienced pain, you cried. Once your distress signal was sent out, a care giver heard your call and help was on the way.

Clearly, your responses now, come from a deep history of responding to difficulty with more of the same. And the truth is that you will carry this reflex pattern into and throughout your life until you consciously choose to change your response.

What’s the problem with responding to difficulty with more of the same?

When you respond to difficult situations from low vibration you create your next moment from that vibratory field. Which means that you’re creating your next moment from difficulty and continuing to exist within low vibration.

Why would you wish to do that?

In addition you are not practicing your choice to switch the energy into a higher vibration, and peace and abundance won’t be able to land.

The energy we hold within each moment of our day adds up.

At the end of the day if you’ve unconsciously been reacting to all of the irritation that has landed throughout the day with more low vibration, you’re going to find yourself out of sorts, feeling disconnected and unhappy. You’ve created your own misery by allowing the low energy of others and situations to influence your state.


The most important choice you can make as you continuously move through your day is to consciously respond to each piece of irritation, difficulty, and stress from higher vibration.

For it’s truly the choices you make in the moments of your life that enable you to create a life that is happy and productive, abundant.

You can do something new and different.

The next time someone cuts you off on the road or you see lots of Kray-Kray driving all around you – take a breath take two and then wish everybody safe travels and see everyone getting to their destination safely, including you.

Notice how you feel. You’ll feel lighter and open.

Why has your state changed? Because as you wished safe travels to your fellow road warriors, your good wishes just filled your being with high vibration.

That’s you making a new choice.

That’s you creating your next moment from the higher frequency of love.

All because you chose in that moment of difficulty and irritation to respond from higher frequency – from kindness and patience, from compassion and gratitude.

AND if you think this is something small, or irrelevant thank again!

Your day is filled with so many moments like this and the energy you hold in every moment has absolutely everything to do with how you experience your day.

Over time this adds up as the frequency you hold in each moment of every day lays the foundation for what you are building in the future.

When you allow the moments of your day to direct your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experience you give up your power of choice. As you give up your responsibility to direct your state, you’ll find your history of responding to difficulty with more of the same being your constant experience.

BUT when you choose to consciously transform each piece of difficulty into a more pleasurable moment, you own your power of choice. You rewrite your history. You choose instead to invoke your free will to bring in the higher aspects of love that is your higher knowing. Not only are you more relaxed and peaceful at the end of the day but you’ve been laying the foundation to welcome in abundance.

You were meant to direct your life through conscious choice. That’s why you were given free will, the choice to access the divine within you. Your divinity is the field of love, it is the higher aspect of your humanity.

Living from this higher field of responding to difficulty from love always creates a pathway to peace and abundance.

As you read these words, as you are seeing yourself here?

Do you truly feel the desire to change your behavior?

Do you recognize that you have the power to create your vibratory response ?

If so, are you now able to make the changes in the moments of your life that will leave your historical response behind and open you to loving response?

If you feel called to make these changes, but they feel monumental, or your brain gets stuck as you try to think of your next first step, reach out to me please.

If you were looking to completely change your body type you’d seek a personal trainer – if you realized that your personal history was holding you back you’d see a therapist.

When you need to change your vibratory state, you need a Spiritual guide.

So please reach out and let’s set up an informational appointment. There’s no fee for this call and we will spend time talking about your path, finding the places where it’s difficult for you to respond from love. I’ll tell you all about the teachings and together we’ll discover whether you’re ready for mentoring and taking on this beautiful transformation that will bring you to a life of peace and abundance – finally being able to lay the foundation for the life that you truly desire and deserve.

Shoot me an e-mail now and put in the subject line: I’m ready to talk.

I’ll get back to you within the day and we’ll set up an appointment to talk!

Enjoy the days ahead Beloved!

In Grace
With Gratitude

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