I’m Just Trying To Find My Place In The World.

Aren’t we all?

We all come into this Lifestream with a purpose. A destiny that we are to fulfill.

But somewhere along our physical journey some of us forget that our daily life is a vehicle for our spiritual maturity. We become our responsibilities and forget that there is more to our journey here.

Some, spend a lifetime not knowing that they have a higher purpose. Others awaken.

Just Trying to Find My Place in te World

Teenage years may bring on disillusionment and the searching begins.

Some of us grow into adulthood still sleeping, unaware that their purpose awaits until the Universe taps them with a major life event.

And some of us leave the planet never knowing that there was more.

And you. Have you found your higher calling?

Do you know why you are here? Have you found your place in the world?

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