The power of one. The power of oneness. In history, in present time, we hear stories of people. People with simple lives who made a difference, who stepped up, who spoke their truth. Through speaking their truth, they not only created an event. They created a movement.

Marin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mother Meara. You know these names. You know these people. What defined them from anyone else was the simple fact that they not only had a truth, but they took the action to speak their truth. When they did, their truth resonated with thousands and millions of people. Why? Because we all resonate with the same energy. We all have within us the energy of that which created us. It’s in all of us. When we hear truth we know it and we respond.

What enabled these seemingly simple people to create movements, not only within us, but within the world, was the fact that they dared to reach out to us with their truth and connect through the energy of who we all are. Every single one of us has this opportunity. It really doesn’t matter if you create a movement of one or a movement of millions, speaking your truth, being in your truth resonates. Why? Because we are one, we are oneness. The power of one. The power of oneness.

What does ONENESS mean to you?

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