What will you choose? We live in a time when many people are hungry for connection to the divine. We don’t need to seek externally for that connection. Why? We are the divine. As we travel through our day, how we be, our choice of response to each situation, not just our words, but our attitude, the that we apply to each event, each relationship, that’s what brings our divinity into the physical world or blocks it from being experienced.

What will you choose? Will you choose to respond from love? Will you choose to respond from one of the many faces of love? From kindness? From tolerance? From compassion?
From Wisdom? From Grace?

This takes a great deal of work. It sounds so simple when you read this. It sounds so easy. It seems to “make sense” to people. What they\’re missing is that it takes a great deal of awareness in the moments of your day to remember that each response, your attitude, your words, intonation, the energy you bring to each experience can either open up and bring the divine into the physical world or it can block divinity from being experienced. This is big work. This is not easy. The question is: what will you choose?

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