Everywhere you go someone is talking about being grateful. And there's a good reason for the explosion of gratitude in our world!

Experiencing gratitude - fully embracing it - bringing it into your physicality and deeply feeling grateful can shift any low frequency, any fear, any depression, or any anxiety that you are holding -  in a nanosecond.

But there's a difference between thinking about being grateful and having the full-bodied experience of sitting in gratitude. Thinking about being grateful shifts your energy slightly - but being inside of Gratitude and living from that frequency …WHOA …that’s a horse of a different color!  

Listen to my latest Pond Talk as I expand on our last video and show you how to sit inside of gratitude instead of just thinking about it.

PS: P.S. Be a good friend and share this video with someone you feel will appreciate the message.

PSS: You don't need to identify as a spiritual student to benefit from the information I'm sharing, listen to the video- learn and enjoy.

In Grace
With Gratitude

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