It’s not what you do in life that matters. It’s where your consciousness is when you’re doing whatever you’re doing.

If you work from a consciousness of love, which I would put forth is our natural inheritance, it’s that energy we all have inside of us that we brought here when we evolved into bodies. When you work from that energy of love, from that consciousness of love, your decisions, your choices, the people you bring into your world, the people you let go of, the jobs you take on, the shifts that you make, everything you choose has a different vibration and a different feel.

When you work from that consciousness of love as you move through your life, you build a life that is rich, and meaningful.

How can it not be? Love begets love.

Most of you know, I’m not talking about romantic love here, although that is infused with this energy of oneness too. I’m talking about the love that we all have. The energy that is within us all, the goodness, the compassion, the patience, the wisdom, the tolerance. This energy of love shows up in those ways.

It shows up as tolerance, as patience, as compassion, as kindness. That’s who we are.

We don’t have to work to have that. We do have to work to remember that. We do have to work to find that love, that way of being within ourselves.

I would propose to you that physical life feels difficult, brings us challenges, gives us struggles, not so that we can have a tough time, but so we can choose to work from the consciousness of love.

When we make that choice, we remember who we truly, truly are. Each time there’s an event, each time there’s a conflict and you have an opportunity to choose a loving response or a response that comes from anger, hurt and fear, you have an opportunity to remember, to remember who you truly are.

The consciousness in how we walk through the world creates our daily life. It can’t not. It’s where it all begins. It’s the big kahuna. It’s everything. As you walk through your life today, choose. Choose to look at your consciousness. Choose to be in the consciousness of love. Choose a loving response. Watch your world begin to glow and grow and become deep and meaningful.

Choose love.

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