Fear. I am going to suggest a new way to experience and use the state of fear. I’m not talking about the kind of fear we experience when we walk off a curb in the middle of a busy street and realize we haven’t looked to the left and right, or the kind of fear that we put ourselves through when we sit in the front of a roller coaster at an amusement fair. I’m talking about the fear that creeps up, when we wake up in the middle of the night. The fear that paralyzes some people when they’re starting new projects and they can’t move forward. The fear that tells somebody that they can’t accomplish a new project, a new goal that they’ve started on.

We’re told all the time that fear is not a state to live in. it’s not an experience we want to move forward with. It’s a very real experience for people. I’m going to suggest a new way to handle fear. What I’d ask is the next time you experience fear, try this. Recognize it. Acknowledge it. I’m fearful. I’m worried. Then immediately, shout out loud, “CANCEL THAT!”

Using the fear as an announcement that it’s time to go to grace because being fearful is a very clear, very, very, very clear announcement that you need more gratitude in your life. Sit down and immediately write all the things you’re grateful for. From your health, to the weather, to the food you eat, to the people who love you, to the people you love, to all the wondrous experiences you’ve been given. Start writing like a crazy person. Write fast. Write slow. Write everything you are grateful for. I promise you, at the end of that gratitude moment, hour, 15 minutes, you’re not going to be in fear. Fear dissipates. It falls apart when you put your attention on your gratitude.

I think fear can be an alarm clock. It can be an announcement that you need more grace in your life. You can give that to yourself. Try this. Before you think this is another crazy suggestion of Selina’s, try this. Next time you’re fearful, look at it. Say, “CANCEL THAT!” and immediately go to grace. Know that fear is an announcement that you need more gratitude in your life. Sit down and go crazy. Completely surround yourself, lose yourself in all that you’re grateful for.

I’d love to hear what you think about this whether you agree, disagree, whether maybe you’ve done this. Write as a post below and tell us whether this idea of using fear as an alarm clock to go to gratitude is a good one. We’ll talk soon.

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