Flow like water.

Life presents many opportunities for us, some of which create experiences that are joyous, that are happy, that are peaceful. Other times in life we experience situations that are painful, times that are tough, experiences that are rough and hurt and often cut to the quick.

Life is full of all of that.

Physical reality is full of a variety of experiences including chaos. If we seek peace, our job in this lifestream, as spirit in form, is to flow like water, to move through each experience taking what we need in order to grow and to leave as small a wake as possible.

Experiences, we are told, shape us.

It has been said that they form who we are.

I beg to differ.

It’s not what others do, it’s our response to situations that creates the energetic resonance that remains.

Thus it’s critically important to put our attention on our response and behavior.

As we walk through our life, our actions create the ultimate take away that we at the local level and that all at the Universal level, experience.

For this reason Spirit guides us to flow like water…

Think of water. It has a chemical composition. It has a look. It has a feel. We all know what it’s like. We’ve experienced the feeling of water many times in many ways.

We know it. We pour it into a bowl.

What happens?

Water doesn’t change its composition, it changes its shape. It fits into the container that it’s placed in. If you pour water into a small juice glass, it takes the shape of a juice glass. But it’s still water.

If you take that water and pour it into a small bowl, it takes the shape of the bowl.

It remains water.

If you take that water and pour it into an ice cube tray it’s separated into 12 small areas. It takes the shape of the tray. It’s still water.

If you take that ice cube tray and you place it in a freezer, it changes its composition. The frigid temperatures turn it into ice; hard, cold cubes of ice.

Then when you remove it from the freezer and place it in a warm area it returns to water.

Spirit tells us that our action in life is to flow like water. There will be times where our life will take on different forms and different shapes, and in doing so provide us opportunities, or provide difficulties.

If we retain who we are, the energy of love, and we take on the form of what we’re presented and respond from one of the many physical manifestations of love, then we flow like water through the experience . Our nature (love)is not changed due to , the external world and all of its events, have less effect on our experience in this life.

Even in extreme times, think of water. When water changed its form, when the circumstances shifted, it may have changed its outer form but not its core structure… it was able to come back to water.

As we go through extreme circumstances, we might be shifted temporarily form our loving state, we might be going different ways, we might have various parts of our being that are front and center.

We still don’t ,even in those extreme times, lose the essence of who we are. We are always love!

We can choose at any time to access this natural inheritance. When extreme times are over, if you stepped out of the space of love, evolve back. Your nature is always calling to you.

External situations come and go. As they do, we can be like the water in the glass.

Water is poured into a glass, into a bowl, into an ice cube tray. It’s turned into ice. It’s placed again into the heat. It has the opportunity to return to water.

That’s our life. Lots of situations. They come and they go.

How we choose to approach those situations, to respond to them, has everything to do with our experience of our life stream.

Flow like water. Experience the shifts and changes as just that. They\’re shifts and changes that come and go. You have opportunities to pull whatever you choose to experience them. See the gratitude. See the grace. Be the gratitude. Be the grace. You’ll flow like water through each experience. Flow like water. Flow like water.

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