I hold the light.
I’m not alone. There are hundreds of millions of us in our world.
In fact I believe we all hold the light.
We are born of the light and we carry it inside of us.

Some of us choose not to acknowledge it; the caring, the goodness, the patience, the gratitude, the tolerance, the understanding, the grace that we are all capable of, but it is there.

Others, through their choice of disregarding their light and our lives, hurt, kill, disrespect, and through their actions we have yet another opportunity to be the light that we are.

We saw it after 911, we felt it after each mass shootings, the goodness that we are, comes out in our response of wanting to be of help to others of hoping to support our tribe who have been hurt.

Those of us who choose to amplify our light, live with it as our beacon, using it as a guide, as our response to our daily life.

People ask me all the time; “Why do you hold the light for people who kill?” “Do you forgive someone who has murdered many innocent people?” “Why are you not outraged when people are not treated equally?”

I see it. I get it. I’m deeply pained by the dark that exists in our world, but just for a few seconds,
Because my job is to hold the light.

Being outraged, and angry, holding thoughts of retaliation amplifies the very energy that created the tragedies we witness daily.
I choose not to contribute to that.

My response instead is to turn on my light big time!
I shine it in my daily life and broadcast it over the internet.

I look for small and large ways to be helpful.
I’m kind to others and then kind to me when I can’t be kind to others. I thank people for their hard work and generosity of heart, I try to amplify the good I see in those I meet.

I believe that dark and light both exist and I’ve made my choice.
I choose to counter darkness with light so when I see tragedies unfold I look for opportunities to serve.

I’m reminded of the Rabbi who traveled teaching Kabbalah.

He would walk to the front of the room, draw a circle on a chalkboard and then ask someone to come forward if they felt that they could draw a yin without also creating a yang.
People tried but none were successful.

It’s impossible to do so as in creating the yin the yang is created.
This is what gives me hope. Whenever darkness is created I know that light is being created as well.

As we choose to actively bring forward the light that is within each one of us, we contribute to the light for us all.

I Hold the Light

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