I am inspired by every day by people I meet.

I don’t need to go to a workshop to learn how to be inspired.

I simply keep my awareness in my front pocket.

Inspiration is all around me.

I am inspired by young people who are filled with ideas and the joy of creating and then act on the belief that they can accomplish exactly what they visualize.

I am inspired by visionaries who seek to affect change thru their art and conceive a project that is big, big,  big and have the courage and skill and talent and commitment and heart to bring it to completion.

I am inspired by slam poets who perform in a style that is perfect for the words that they write.

I am inspired by my 2 sons who have each found their dharma early in life and are devoting their time and efforts to careers that have great meaning to them.

I am inspired by people who walk in the integrity of what they say they believe. No excuses, 24/7.

I am inspired by people who seemingly have very little, but live in total gratitude for what they have.

I am inspired by people who when faced with a tough situation don’t complain or blame others. Rather they take the Abe Lincoln approach and say: “Don’t tell me what we can’t do, rather tell me what needs to be done and let us find a way.”

What and who inspires YOU?

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