I’m inspired every day by people in many ways. I don’t need to go to a workshop to learn how to be inspired. I simply keep my awareness in my front pocket.

Inspiration is all around me.

I’m inspired by young people who are filled with ideas and the joy of creating and then act on the belief that they can accomplish exactly what they visualize. I’m inspired by visionaries who want to effect change with their art. They can see the project that is big, big, big! Then they have the courage, the skill, the talent, the commitment, the heart to bring it to completion. I’m inspired by slam poets who perform in a style that is perfect for the words that they write.  I am inspired by people who walk in the integrity of what they say they believe, no excuses, 24/7. I am inspired by people who seemingly have very little, but live in total gratitude for what they have. I am inspired by people who when faced with a tough situation don’t complain or blame others. Rather, they take the Abe Lincoln approach and they say, “Don’t tell me what we can’t do. Rather, tell me what needs to be done and let us find a way.”

These are my places of inspiration. I could go on forever and list so many more for you. I lead an inspired life. Why? Because inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration is the key and is a key and a connector to gratitude. Ask yourself, what are you inspired by? Create your inspiration list. Have it handy for you for a day when inspiration is not at hand so that you can refer to it and be once again inspired.

What are you inspired by?

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