How often do you get stuck in your stories, repeating a painful and event or difficult time over and over never manifesting what you so richly deserve because you are too busy repeating past pain??

You know the stories.

The one about why you can’t leave a love behind, or the damage that was done to you when you were a child? How about the story where you will never have enough? Enough money, enough things, enough love? Or the story about the world being a terrible place where everyone is unkind and nothing is ever fair.

Let go of your stories!

We are all given many experiences that show up as irritations, challenges, and tragedies. We can either create stories to keep these challenges alive or we can move through them.

Difficulties are opportunities in disguise.

Leave your stories behind by responding from a place of patience, from compassion. Invoke understanding or wisdom and access gratitude.

Let go of your stories and step into your life.

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