Most of us at one time or another feel compelled to tell people how they should live their lives.

Usually it’s because we feel an emotional charge triggered by their actions and we are driven to let them know. Our ego has been challenged because we are “right” and their actions were wrong.

Our need to be “right” trumps our innate desire for peace and develops a life of its own.

Is it more important to be right or to have peace?

You might find yourself starting your sentences with:

“You should have” or “how come you never” or “I told you to.” These are globalized statements that are usually not well received as they reek of your ego speaking, not your inner wisdom. They put others on the defensive and speak loudly of your need to “be right”.

If you see yourself here, practice the art of refraining. Choose to not give your opinion.

But if the urge is too seductive, choose “peace” over “being right” and by using these 5 magic words.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Imagine if every time you felt the need to tell someone how they could live life “your way” you started the conversation with “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Words carry energy, and the energy of “Wouldn’t it be nice if”… is a higher frequency, its an open statement, its full of possibilities.

So the next time you feel the call to be “right” and you feel the need to share your opinion with your kids, your partner, your co workers, politicians, drivers who don’t signal, those pesky folks with baskets full of groceries in the 7 items or less line, say to yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if they…” and build a little peace for yourself, for them and for us all.

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