Some would say our world is a mess.

Environmental issues exist everywhere you look, social justice is being back- pedaled at every turn, personal freedoms are being curtailed worldwide and dictatorships are flourishing.

There is no doubt that chaos has landed in a big way upon our planet.

The shifts that restrict freedom and threaten the very nature of our existence are very real.
Yet so is our power, our collective might, to continually show up and consistently rise up!

We have the choice to shift the low frequency that is seemingly everywhere and the most accessible step to doing so, is to commit to raising our individual, personal consciousness.

The act of assuming responsibility for increasing your awareness and the amount of positive vibration you share with the world is one of the most important actions you can take now!

What do I mean when I say raise your vibration?
I’m talking about examining your behavior as you walk through the world.
We are all vibrational beings, each of us an energy receiver and amplifier.
Each action you take carries a vibration that is either positive or negative, your actions
either help our world or add to the chaos.

Take a moment and check in on the vibration you’re continually adding to the world:

Are you tolerant of other political views?
Do you still find the need to judge the actions of others?
Do you follow through on your commitments?
Are you able to be happy for others even if your personal efforts aren’t reaping success?
Do you hold yourself in high esteem?
Are you patient with yourself as you make changes?
Do you talk the talk, but rarely walk it?

Taking on the work to examine your own life- noting where you are out of alignment with your spiritual values and committing to the work (and it is work!) to evolve your consciousness – is quite possibly the most important work you can do for you and for all of us!

When a natural disaster occurs, many people find it easy to send a check to a service organization to help those affected, yet they still fail to notice how much they need personal spiritual coaching. Others donate their time to causes yet rarely put time aside to go to quiet, allowing their own body, mind and soul to be bathed in the exquisite beauty of solitude.

This is my invitation to you now: Make 2022 the year that you place yourself at the front of your grace list.

My student Alyssa Snow took that steps years ago. Here’s what she said about the work:

“In our yoga practice, we use the body and breathe to draw our awareness into the present moment. And in that moment, clarity and awareness is gained.

Selina’s teachings are the bridge bringing clarity and awareness to our lives off the mat. The teachings and tools of Practical Spirituality create powerful changes that positively affect our daily lives.”

Now, take a look at your life. Are you happy, peaceful and calm?
If you’ve answered no to any part of that simple question, reach out to me & I’ll invite you to sign up for one of the 10 spots I’ve put aside on my calendar in the month of January to have a (no fee) conversation with me.

This will be our time for you to share with me where you are on your path.
I will be a present listener and will be happy to share with you information about the tools and practices of Practical Spirituality so that you can see if the teachings are the pathway home, that you so deserve to walk.

If you are concerned about the state of our world, and you recognize that your own life could stand a bit of improvement, please know that the work that you do on you, is work for us all!

Make 2022 the year that you choose to work on you.
Make 2022 the year you assume responsibility for being a kind, loving, helpful, cooperative human being who loves their life and is at peace!

May 2022 be the year that you put yourself first on your grace list –
For as you grace you, you grace us all!

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