It may seem as if our world is falling apart, but make no mistake about it, a new earth is being born and my guides continually tell me that it’s time for all of us to step up!

Heart centered leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and spiritual practitioners are all being called to work individually and collectively in order to energetically infuse our planet with high – frequency energy and practices that represent the new paradigm of working in co-operation rather than in competition.

But as we seek to help others and our planet, none of us are able to fully be effective if we are out of alignment with the energy of love, the frequency which guides us all.

We are each being asked take on the responsibility of discovering where we are out of alignment with our values, commitments and intentions as we walk in the world. For when we know where we are out of alignment, we are able to bring ourselves back into balance and integrity.

I work with my students daily, supporting them as they examine the places in their life when they are not able to respond to life from patience, kindness and compassion.

I provide them with specific, practical steps that empower them to shift their negative thoughts and transform their judgment into grace. Through our work students begin to align their values with their actions, live in integrity with their purpose and build lives that contribute to us all.

Source, has guided me to contribute to the global shift by sharing with you the actions you can take in your daily life order to walk in integrity with your beliefs 🙂

The first step in the process of aligning your actions with your purpose is for you to discover where you are now out of alignment in your daily life. Begin by taking an inventory of your behavior and responses as you walk in your world.

Approach your review with curiosity and with joy as its important to stay in high vibration as you examine how you move through your world. Remember please, you are observing here, not being Judge Judy 🙂

Ask yourself these questions to get started…

Am I able to watch as I be, noting when my emotions are highly engaged? 

Do I currently notice each moment when I feel challenged, stressed and irritated and am I able to use that initial opportunity to shift my frequencies?? 

Do I actively shift these moments of low frequency into higher vibration when I see them?

These 3 steps are the start of being able to walk through the world in the energy of love 24/7. If you answered no to any of the 3 questions above you have a bit of work to do… for now be gentle with yourself and then begin to ask your higher self:

What small step can I take to become more of a witness to my life?

How might I notice my emotions without becoming them?

Awareness is the first step toward transforming any habit or belief that you hold, that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Once you are clear on what need to change you need the right tool for the right job!

A powerful tool for your transformation is my new 4 part video program: Transform Difficulty Into Peace.

Sign up for this free tool and discover an easy process that will enable you to begin to shift out of fear and worry and into peace and equanimity.

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