Our world is full of exciting and wonderful events as well as tragic and difficult situations of seemingly non-ending, epic proportions.

Natural disasters and less than natural events generated by hate and anger and fear have let\’s have left thousands of our citizens dead, homeless, wounded with many more morning questioning , “where is the love?”

Loving and charitable acts are experienced daily yet hateful, divisive words have woven their way into daily conversation and political discourse at a volume that seems to drown out the words of peace.

The power of darkness speaks with very loud, booming voices.

We the light beings need to amplify our voices of love.

In a world where we have so much access to the negative, hurtful, and destructive actions human beings are capable of, it is so easy to point fingers, to justify our own prejudice, and simply to lose faith.

But this is the time when bearers of the light are asked to show up in droves, moment to moment in their daily life as soldiers for love.

It is time for us to look at ourselves and say how can I make this a better world????

Where am I holding onto anger and hate? Who do I hold in judgement? How can I experience love and direct it to myself? Take an inventory honestly.

This will take time. Some won’t bother. Others will work diligently over time to do this impactful work.

Here’s what we all can do now.

Project and Radiate Love.

Say thank you and mean it deeply. Lose the idea that you’re right and everyone else is wrong.

Be of service. Open a door. Breathe in love breathe out judgment. Smile. Stop reading negative words and watching TV shows that do not serve the higher good. Listen, truly listen to a friend.

Commit to being present. Stop multi-tasking. Donate a dollar without question to a homeless person in need. Offer a chair on public transportation. Kindly let another get in front of you as you are driving on the road.

Watch your thoughts and language and gently correct judgmental remarks about yourself and others.

Walk among others projecting the love you are into the world by having your actions reflect your inheritance of love.

These may seem like very simple steps to take, but if they were truly easy more people would taking them.

If every person reading these words put even 2 of them into place every single day our world would resonate at a much more elevated frequency.

Feeling helpless in the face of all the negativity around you? Stop that.

You have all the tools you already need to combat the forces of darkness and to stop the feeling of helplessness!


That is the most direct action you can take.

We need you!

There is no time to waste.

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