As a spiritually responsible being you know how important it is to take care of the physical aspects of life.

For instance you would never allow your checking account to constantly be in the red. Being overdrawn financially is messy, it’s irresponsible, and it represents living in lack.

But what about your spiritual bank account?

Every day when you wake up your energetic bank account is full. You are physically, mentally and energetically rested and you are able to create unlimited abundance.

Whether you end your day in the black or in a deficit is up to you, and most people don’t realize how their actions even those they identify as “just being human” effect their spiritual bank account.

As you head out for your day excited about supporting your clients you may get stuck in traffic, and start to stress as you’re running late for the healing you are to lead.

As your stress builds your bank account goes down 20% and now you’re only 80% full.

While you’re waiting for the traffic to move, you remember, that your sister made a comment about you that left you feeling wounded. You find yourself repeating it over and over in your head, there’s another 30% from your bank account.


As you’re ruminating over your sister’s comments, someone cuts you off creating a need for you to slam on your breaks and without thinking about it you hit your driver wheel in total frustration and let out a stream of words you haven’t spoken in years. There’s another 40%.

By the time you get to your location you got 10% of you energy left in your spiritual bank account and its only 10 am.

Are you catching my drift?

Spiritual people work hard to watch the big stuff. They strive to eat right, (lots of veggies please) and exercise, they practice yoga and often meditate.

But they often give themselves a pass to be “human” when it comes to their actions in their daily life. This is huge mistake!

It’s okay to gossip once in a while they tell themselves.

They describe others who don’t share their beliefs in terms that are far from flattering. They may be the first at the podium when flights are cancelled, screaming for the next flight out, and it’s always in okay to rant about political figures who simply “don’t deserve any respect because they don’t give it”.

All of these are examples of working from low frequency and each time you respond to stress, and daily difficulty from low vibration you are responding to events and people from the depths of your fear and isolation.

You are leaking energy and depleting your spiritual bank account.

Most people spiritual or not, are working from empty and overdrawn accounts.

They’re tired, weary and have little energy. They feel like they’re always on the hamster wheel of life. Their reserves are low. They can’t take vacations, and rarely have fun in their lives. With no reserves left in their account, abundance is just a theory, as their work, relationships and their health, begin to suffer.

As an entrepreneur, as a leader, as a healer, you need to make a shift and begin to live in high vibration, with your spiritual bank account full and overflowing. Opening to abundance is almost impossible if you’re living energetically bankrupt.

You need your actions in your daily life to become Spiritual Bank Account deposits, so that your spirit is nourished with a healthy diet, and you operate with energy reserves, empowering you to face whatever comes with peace and inner-knowing.

But you need to learn how to make this shift.

That’s where I come in.

My work is to help you identify the places in your world where you are leaking energy and through our work together you begin to learn how to respond to every situation from love, filling your spiritual bank account with very action you take!

Contact me and we will set a time to talk (no fee) and begin to identify where you are now.

As your learn how to respond to every situation from Grace, your spiritual bank account will continue to flourish. Your consciousness will continue to expand. It can’t not.

Your choice-field will grow larger and wishes that you hold that once seemed impossible, are now within your reach.

You will find solutions easily and you begin to rebuild your health, relationships and your financial situation.

Abundance is right around the corner, when you keep your spiritual bank account filled to the brim!

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