Your work first and foremost, is to take care of you.

How are you doing at that job?

Are you taking time for quiet and rest and meditation?

Are you asking for help when you need it?

Are you speaking your truth?

Here’s the big question; do you allow yourself to receive or are you always the one that is giving?

When I ask these questions of my students most of the time I hear:

“Who has the time for rest or meditation?”

“I’m so stressed & I’m so tired that I don’t know what my truth is…”

“Who can I ask for help, everybody’s always coming to me?”

“I don’t feel comfortable receiving from others, aren’t I supposed to be the one that gives?”

If you recognize yourself here, you need to begin to put yourself in the center of your universe.

center of universe

Constantly putting others before yourself doesn’t serve you. If that sounds counter intuitive to leading a spiritual life, may I remind you of the phrase that we always hear on airplanes?

“If the air mask is needed, to please remember put it on yourself first before assisting others.”

Kind of like life.

If you’re always helping others at the sake of your own health and well-being you’re approaching life in a way that ultimately will serve no one.

As spiritually directed people we love to give and help others but it’s a rare teacher, healer, or leader, who puts themselves alongside of those that they care for.

I’ve seen it all too often.

The Spiritual healer who has a schedule so overloaded that there’s no time for them to have lunch, or to meditate because they’re so busy and so “needed by others”.

Or the heart centered leader whose day is so crammed with business appointments, and evenings filled with nonprofit responsibilities and they don’t have five minutes a day to just quietly close their eyes and breathe.

Or the Mom whose life is so filled with family obligations that she doesn’t sleep well, or exercise or choose time for herself.

The mind believes that there is no time, and is convincing you that the world needs you and that you are less important than your obligations to others.

But the soul knows better.

Filling your days so completely in service to others leaving no time for you and for the practices that you need for your energetic, physical and mental health, is indeed a sign that you are working from the frequency of lack.

Thinking that the world needs your help so much that you can’t take time for yoga, for meditation, for fun, for physical activity, for sleep, is a function of the ego on overdrive, once again lack is in the driver’s seat.

Spiritual people believe that giving is getting, and many times that’s true. But when the giving is out of proportion with what you are allowing yourself to receive you are shorting yourself.

You may tell yourself you have an abundant life because you are always giving to others never thinking of yourself first.

“There’s not enough time for me, you say.

There not enough of me to go around for all who need me.”

Really? Who says? Your ego says.

If you recognize yourself here, you’re not living in abundance, your giving is motivated from the frequency of not enough..

Abundance and lack can’t be present at the same time.

If you want to live a truly abundant life you need to let go of the false belief that you have to put others well-being before yours.

You may need to learn how to make this shift.

That’s where I come in.

My work is to help you identify the places in your world where you are out of alignment and through our work together you begin to learn how to make choices that serve your higher good and the higher good of all. Giving is a wonderful act but it\’s time to put yourself on the top of your own grace list.

Reach out to me and we can see if my teachings would be on help to you.

When I work with students helping them to learn how to put themselves in the center of their universe tears usually begin to flow.

A release begins to happen, it’s almost as if they’ve been holding their breath for years and can start to breathe again. These wonderful, lovely people who have been working so hard to be of service to others hear and understand for the first time that it’s more than okay to be of service to themselves.

When they start to take the steps and use the practices that I offer them their transformation is amazing.

They become aware of resentments that they had from over giving and let them drop.

They wonder why and when they stopped seeing themselves as important.

They begin to notice marvelous qualities in themselves that they had never before acknowledged.

They sleep better. They find time to exercise, to have fun, to meditate.

They begin to experience peace.

Over time new creative ideas fill their consciousness and an excitement for life and all the possibilities they see fills their being.

They choose to be with others who support their value of living in abundance and they Namaste and send on their way others who complain, gossip, and see the world as one dark lonely spot.

And where are you?

Have you put yourself in the center of your universe?

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