Operating From A State Of Resistance

You are a vibratory being and your willingness to be in a state of “allowing” versus the state of “resistance” is the key to you developing an abundant life.

As you are reading this blog post, these words may not be foreign to you.

However, understanding the state of resistance and how you currently may be allowing it to block your ability to grow your business, to develop deep meaningful relationships and fill your bank account until it overflows, may still elude you.

In addition, learning how to shift the paradigm from being “resistant” to being in a state of “allowing” may not be clear to you.

When I speak of “resistance,” I’m talking about the human quality within you that chooses not to access your higher knowing in response to irritating moments and during difficult interactions with others.

Resistance often comes in the form of your negative thoughts or actions that tether you to the physical world, blocking your access to your inner being.

Resistance can look like thoughts of;

“I’m just not good enough”, “Success will never happen”, “I’ll never have enough money,” “This illness will never heal”

“I’ll never find big love” and the big kahuna of resistance:

“There’s never enough time for me to do everything I have to”.

Resistance also shows up as you choosing to not allow time for quiet, yoga or meditation. It’s present when you snap at your kids, family or coworkers. It’s also alive and well when you find you are continuously cruising on line, watching too much TV, gossiping with your friends, or consistently bemoaning the state of the world.

These are all examples of resistant behavior and you can include overeating, excessive drinking and shopping till you drop to the list.

All of these actions are diversions, distractions you unconsciously take which deny you access to your highest wisdom.

Spiritual warriors are not immune to resistance, it warps and weaves itself into many different shapes and forms.

The opposite of resistance is “allowing”. Allowing is a state where your mind is quieted and you are centered, calm and you experience peace regardless of your external circumstances.

Allowing, doesn’t just happen. It comes as a result of you living a life where your actions are in alignment with your beliefs.

When you work from kindness, compassion, understanding and gratitude you leave little room for resistance to live.

When you invoke tolerance, wisdom and grace even when you are tired and weary you build the muscle of acceptance.

It takes a great deal of effort and discipline, to hold these states but over time you will find yourself turning to them as easily as you take your next breath.

Once you have mastered the art of repeatedly responding from Grace you will be the physical manifestation of compassion, and kindness and your radiance will shined you will be in in a state of flow allowing, one we call flow.

You will notice that your life has an easy quality to it. Opportunities of all sorts that benefit you, begin to manifest. You meet people who show up to support you; they become clients, friends or lovers. Your business flourishes and you stay in a state of optimal health.

You consistently wake up feeling that every day is a gift ,and you experience the beauty in all, even in mundane tasks.

When you’re working from allowing, even difficult times are utilized in a positive way, for you will recognize that they are indeed opportunities for the growth of your consciousness.

You won’t fight them or bemoan your fate, you will flow with what’s happening and look to see what you are to learn.

When you are working from a state of allowing I call this coming back to “who you truly are” because it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Love is indeed your natural inheritance and when you do not resist but allow your physical life to be in alignment with this holy state you open to the flow of abundance.

But you need to learn how to make this shift. That’s where I can be of help…

My work is to help you identify the places in your world where you are resisting, where flow is eluding you. Through our work together you begin to learn how to respond to life from love in the places that still pinch.

The people who come to work with me are often spiritually directed guides, teachers, consultants, leaders and healers. While these truths would not surprise them, they have yet to learn how to release resistance and live in the state of allowing.

It’s not surprising. You’ve been living in resistance most of your life. As humans we are creatures of habit, and changing any patterns especially lifelong energetic patterns requires awareness, observation, consistent effort and support.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been doing the work of letting go of my own resistance based habits for over 30 years. The work is ongoing but what an amazing joy it is to live in allowing.

When I met my teacher Hope, 19 years ago I had already read tons of books on enlightenment. I’d attended many workshops and applied what I knew to my life as much as I could.

Yet for all of my solo work, I was still deeply set in resistance. With Hope’s loving support, I began to examine where I was still in resistance and one by one I shifted my being to a place where receptivity and allowing were my natural states.

My life is peaceful and abundant and has remained that way even while I was recovering from a major car event that left me with a traumatic brain injury.

During the first 2 years of my recovery, I was unable to work or talk for more than a few hours a day. I had little in savings, no steady income and no assurance that I would ever be able to create or teach again.

Yet my level of peace accelerated throughout my healing and miraculous opportunities came to me that provided the financial support I needed. All of these events came from my being in the state of flow. I can’t imagine what my life would have looked like if I hadn’t had so many years of active spiritual work behind me.

I know what it’s like to be in resistance, I know how tough we can make our own world and I also know how freeing it is to live in acceptance and allowing.

I’m very familiar with what it’s like to go the road alone, and it’s no exaggeration to say that my teacher Hope continually provides me with the guidance, tools and the kind, yet honest mirroring that my soul needs as I continuously transform.

Where are you? Do you recognize yourself as being in flow or resistance? Do you visit the state of abundance only to slip into resistance? Are you tired of living on the spiritual the seesaw?

If you are ready to do the work to let go of resistance and move into flow and you feel the time is right to work with a teacher, please reach out.

I’ll leave you with the words of Abraham via Esther Hicks:

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest, we say, “It takes as long as it takes you to release the RESISTANCE. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow afternoon.”

What are you doing tomorrow?

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