Do You Expect Others and Situations to Change Before You Can Be Happy?

Even though you believe the words: “Be the change you seek”, are you still waiting for peace to arrive?

You may be convinced that you’d be happy if your family appreciated you more, if your bank account was full, or if you could finally take the two-week break that you need so badly.

But, if you believe that your happiness will only happen when circumstances change and others shift their behavior, you are giving your power away and that will leave you feeling inadequate, and powerless.

Although you may wish to live in the higher realm of who you are, if your actions speak to your belief that your peace is reliant on anyone other then you, you are mistaken.

If you wait for life to change around you, you will spiral down deep in the depths of your own negative thoughts and despair.

At some point you will recognize that your beliefs are not in alignment with your thoughts and you will begin to feel like a phony, as your mind plays the tape that you are so not authentic.

Take back your power now.

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You know your happiness does not come from the behavior of others or from any external circumstance. You know you are not your circumstances, unless you choose to be.

What you need to learn is how to align that knowing with your actions.

That’s where I come in.

My work is to help you identify the places in your world where you are out of alignment with your natural inheritance of love. What beliefs do you hold that do not serve you?

Through our work together you will begin to learn how to make choices in your life from understanding, and wisdom. You will begin to learn how to place yourself in the center of your universe, choosing actions that represent your higher good and the higher good for all.

Making changes of this magnitude is not for the faint of heart and it’s not easy to do alone. Please feel free to reach out to me and we will set up a time to speak (no fee) to see I am the partner you have been waiting for!

When you choose to recognize that the state of happiness is yours to access, regardless of your situation and you learn how to respond for all from kindness, gratitude and grace during times of emotional difficulty, you become those states.

You will feel grounded and steady. A sense of excitement will overtake you as you notice that you are less affected by the moods and actions of the people around you.

You will no longer expect your family members to change their behavior and with your resentment a thing of the past, you’ll begin to find new ways to appreciate them. They in turn will notice that you are different and they will open to you in a deep and meaningful way.

You’ll be feeling lighter, you’ll discover new ways of helping others and your work will resonate easily and you will find creative solutions when finances are tight.

When you take back your power and stop waiting for life to change in order for you to be happy, you will experience the energy and passion for life returning to you. You are free to move forward in the expression of your purpose and you live in the authenticity of who you are, which leads to you becoming the physical manifestation of abundance!

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