Being kind and compassionate are spiritual values that matter greatly to those of us on a spiritual path. You may believe that you work from a heart centered space or perhaps you make a point of sharing your values with your friends and children, encouraging them to move forward in their higher wisdom every day.

Yet when you get home after you’ve spent a day battling traffic, healing others, and listening to your employees concerns and you’re tired and exhausted, can one unkind word from your partner send you over the tipping point?

Are you able to respond from your heart or do you snap back with harsh words and lots of unkind thoughts?

While you may speak of the importance of being open to abundance, does that belief go right out the window when your bank account is in the red leaving you filled with fear and anxiety? As your worries mount, do you forget that you know that fear closes the door to abundance?

Listening from an open state, may be what you believe is important, yet when your teenagers criticize your every move, do you lose your center and cave to strong emotional responses, followed by hurtful words that seem to bubble up from out of nowhere.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

Many people would say that these are examples of you being human, that emotions are important and that everyone slips and has a bad day.

I’m here to remind you that a belief is only a concept and it’s truly the actions you take in your daily life that matter. If during times of chaos you revert to old behaviors and are not responding to others and to yourself from a place of love, then you are out of alignment with your spiritual values.

We are all a work in progress, and learning how to live from love is work. Your life represents the choices you choose to make, the actions you choose to take. You have many opportunities daily to live the values that you hold or you can unconsciously choose to forget them in an instant, as you choose to let your emotional body take control of your state.

When you are stressed and you automatically react from your emotional body, you are responding to events and people from the depths of your fear and isolation. You feel angry, you feel taken for granted, and disrespected. When you choose to rant and shout or go into deep despair you momentarily forget everything you believe and you leave behind your higher knowing that you truly are abundant and resourceful.

After your outburst as your emotions ebb, you are left drained and you feel ashamed of your behavior, you feel like an imposter as you question your own authenticity.

But, when you’re able to experience the feeling of rejection or criticism and use it as an alarm clock, to remind you that you are more than your current emotions, and you remember that you are indeed capable of responding from love, and then you choose to respond with kindness, compassion and grace, you access and activate your wisdom and stay open to the flow of abundance that is always available to you.

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At this point, your emotions can become the alert system they were meant to be, rather than the landing pad they are now. As you become proficient at noticing your feelings without becoming them, you will activate the gift of choice and choose a loving response to others and to yourself.

What I’ve just laid out for you is the process I call Practical Spirituality. It’s a spiritual process that utilized repeatedly will enable you to learn how to use your emotions as an alert system reminding you to access your higher wisdom.

Over time, you will create a center core that isn’t shaken regardless of what others say or do and your new state of equanimity will bring you peace and from that peace great events occur.

Your actions will be in alignment with your spiritual values and as you are consistent in choosing a loving response.
You will be living inside true abundance. You’ll notice that all of your efforts; from creative ideas to networking with people who could be of service, will show up with very little effort.

But you will need to learn how to make this shift.
That’s where I come in.

My work is to help you identify the places in your world where you are now out of alignment and provide you with spiritual tools that will help to change your actions and your frequencies.

Through our work together you will begin to learn how to respond in all the areas of your life from love. You will sense a greater connection to all beings you come in contact with and your personal relationships will deepen as the wave of abundance continues to flow your way.

This is not a fairy tale this is truly LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE.

If you are finally ready to awaken to the totally of your divinity and you’ve read many books on enlightenment, and attended workshops galore and yet your actions are still not consistent with your beliefs, it may be time for you find your teacher.

Please feel free to reach out to me and set up a time to speak (no fee) to see if I am the partner you have been waiting for!

For now, take a breath, and be grateful that you have chosen to walk the path where conscious living is your new lifestyle!

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