I found it very curious when the word RESIST became a political statement.

As a spiritual person I really believe in the truth that we are our attention and what we put our attention on grows.

We know this even in the physical world to be true.

For if I want to grow my biceps, I have to pick up free weights and do an exercise over and over In order for the muscles to break down and begin to grow again, in a much stronger way. As I put my attention on my desire for my muscles to grow AND I created an action in the physical world that represented my desire (exercise!) my muscles grew.

So when we resist, we are putting our attention on that which we do not want, and as we place our attention on that which we do not want, we are actually creating more of it.

That’s how energy works!

So when we resist any ideology or political belief, we actually help it to grow.

Crazy right?

I have always felt the word persist to be more appropriate.

For persisting is continuing to put our attention in an area that we want to see change.

And when we place our attention on what we want to bring into our world, rather then resisting (that which we don’t want to see) we direct our attention to our desire.

In a broader perspective the idea of resisting versus persisting speaks very clearly to the difference between approaching our life from being strong and approaching our life from the quality of being gentle.

Strength is a valued quality in both the physical and metaphysical worlds.

You were taught as a child to stop crying when you were hurt, as being strong builds character. When you experienced loss, you were advised  to “buck up and be strong”. Getting over anything was perceived as being strong.  

Even in the spiritual world strength is appreciated. You’re often encouraged to build a strong body, to be in good physical health. You’re advised to build a strong core of neutrality in order to stay centered and out of emotional overload.

Clearly Beloved, there are times when strength is incredibly important to you, strength of character, a strong sense of purpose, strength in your consistency of effort.

But being strong is not always the energy and action that is needed. Sometimes it’s the energy of being gentle that is being called forth.

The word gentle has always sounded and felt like a whisper to me.

It’s soft, kind and tender all at the same time.

It’s a shame that most of us have not been encouraged to be gentle as we move through the world. For many, being gentle was a quality that was met with disrespect, it was often equated to being weak.

Were you raised to be gentle Beloved?

Were you praised for your sensitivity, for your love of animals and nature, for your interest in music and art? Were you rewarded when you were kind and patient? Did you learn how to be easy with you and others?

Another spiritual truth that I absolutely love is: Everything that can hurt can heal and all vibrations that can heal, can hurt at another time.

This powerful truth is so appropriate as I share with you thoughts on being gentle versus being strong. For there are times when strength is needed and times when being gentle is exactly the energy that you need to inhabit.   

Your work Beloved, is to know you have choice, to consciously review the situation at hand and ask yourself which response (strength or gentleness) truly serves my highest good and the highest good for all.

As you walk through each moment of your days this month, keep your attention in your front pocket. Notice when your emotional body is charged and when you’re thinking mind is creating thoughts that do not serve.  

Then, ask yourself : what frequency shall I bring into my system now. Should I power through and be strong – or shall I let it go and be gentle with myself and with others?  

Awareness in the moment as you move through the days that follow is the key that opens up choice. For as you become aware of how you be, you have the choice to shift your frequencies.

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