Being in integrity with yourself is one of the most important ongoing practices on your spiritual journey. It should also be the continual daily effort that you will be working on and paying to attention to, for many years to come!

When I refer to being in integrity with you, I’m referring to making sure that your thoughts, words and your actions are continually in alignment with your beliefs and intentions.

As Johnny Uzan reminds us: “The most precious reputation is the one you have with yourself”.

Having an excellent reputation with yourself means that you can rely on you to live, what you say you believe.

Whether you’re talking about the mundane moments of your day or deep spiritual transformation, when you are in integrity with yourself, you can trust that your actions will follow your intentions.

You can be certain that if you choose to eat healthy, you’ll turn down the chocolate cake and you’ll keep your commitment to daily exercise. If you’ve committed to meditate daily, you know you will make sure that you take yourself to the cushion or the comfy sofa for your quiet and deep dive into the mystery.

Do I hear you now reading these words and saying: “But Selina how can I possibly live what I say I want 24/7? I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes, I’m not going to be perfect”.

I would agree with the fact that you are human, but you are also Divine. You have the opportunity every moment of each day, to make a choice. The act of choice, is not only where your freedom lies, but each choice you make, creates a new path that you then walk upon.

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that you also unconsciously choose to create paths that don’t serve you…. take a moment and remember some of the times when you’ve been out of integrity with yourself.

Do you find yourself lowering your vibration to fit in,when you are around others who don’t share your beliefs or values?

How often are the words you share with yourself and others not representative of the loving being, that you know yourself to be?

Do you frequently find your thoughts out of alignment with your beliefs as you move through your day?

Are your actions representing the steps that will deliver to you the intentions and goals you have set for yourself?

When others around you are gossiping or complaining about a part of life, do you join in?

If you look at the path you created from those choices you made, you’ll most likely see that you weren’t experiencing peace, neutrality was far away and perhaps your emotional body was highly charged.

Being in your integrity, walking your talk, is living 24/7 inside the values you hold, the highest knowing you have. It’s being the light even in your darkest moments. It’s keeping your word to yourself about your exercise your meditation and your diet.

Being in integrity with you, may mean that you follow a disciplined path, and you also give yourself grace when your bast intentions fall to the wayside.

For most people, being in integrity with self is at first a conscious choice that needs to be made several times a minute, several times an hour, and several times a day. Rarely do we come to the spiritual path fully embodied, with our thoughts, words and actions fully integrated.

As you read these words, if you recognize a lack of integration within you, invoke excitement! For your honest recognition, your awareness, is the first step needed in order to become a more conscious and integrated spiritual being, living a human existence!!!

Your quest to be integral with you 24/7 has begun.

Clearly you’re going to need information, inspiration and support
in order for actions, thoughts and words to over time, to fully reflect your beliefs and intentions.

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