I love the opportunity to have personal appointments with students who are looking for spiritual guidance.

It’s so exciting to sit with a student who is ready to align their actions in their daily life, with their spiritual values.  I know this is a being who is truly ready to live the beliefs that they hold dear, this is a person ready to create the peace that they seek!

We speak of living our spiritual practices as a journey, and we refer to the life, as walking the path.

While there are many spiritual paths to walk, there comes a time for every student when they need to take an evaluation of how they are truly showing up in the world, how are they walking their path.

Showing up means that your daily actions are in alignment with your spiritual values. When our daily actions are in alignment with our values of living a life from the energy of love – that is when we can truly experience peace, and begin to manifest the abundance we deserve.

When I talk about showing up, I’m not talking about how many times you meditate and how often you attend yoga classes.

 I’m referring to the ongoing practice of observing your words, your thoughts and your actions and shifting each of them when they do not reflect your beliefs.

It matters not how many times you practice yoga if after class you go out and judge others or gossip with your friends.

Have you had the experience of coming out of a meditation feeling calm and relaxed centered in peace, only to lose that experience as soon as you go online and witness the state of the world?

And what about that time that you were online for a spiritual teaching course or work and your kids started to interrupt you and you wanted to scream at them to just leave you alone?

Almost all of us have found ourselves in these situations or others that represent us being out of alignment regardless of our external, spiritual practices.

For many beings, showing up is actually the most difficult work they take on, and yet it is the one action that when continually repeated, always raises our vibration.

It requires great effort to notice when you are walking out of alignment. It takes tenacity to continue to observe, and it requires courage to consistently shift your frequencies in the moment of observation.

But before any of these actions can begin, you need to be able to honestly assess if and where you are out of alignment with living from the energies of love, as you walk in your daily life.

Being able to assess where you are and then taking on the work of creating the shifts that are needed, is often too big a task to do alone.

It’s practically impossible for us to know what steps to take in order to move from where we are now – deep inside our conditioned negative response to life – to a place where we are able to walk in the world seeing the difficulty without becoming it.

For this reason, I’m opening up six spots in the month of September to have one hourno fee conversations with students who are eager and ready to let go of the stress and pain and worry they now experience and are ready to begin to work toward living a life of peace and abundance.

If this is you dear one, contact me at selina@selinamaitreya.com today to grab one of these spots.

Use the subject line: I’m ready to transform.

I’ll get back in touch with you ASAP and we will set a time for you and I to talk about where you are now and I’ll suggest the steps that we can take together to help you to begin to align your actions and your spiritual values which will deliver to you the peace that you seek!

It’s time for you Beloved, to begin to take the actions needed to live your values and have your life actions be an expression of your highest self.

“There is always A Gap Between Intention and Action”

  -Paul Coelho

As you move through the following days, don’t just hold the wise words of Paul Coelho above…commit to filling that gap!

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