It’s time for you to open and receive, as interdependence and collaboration are the energies that we are now being encouraged to inhabit, as we walk in every aspect of our lives!

The dictionary defines collaboration as: working together, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, mutual support, partnership, synergy, and unity.

The definition for interdependence is: the dependence of two or more people or things on each other:

While all of the definitions above speak to unity and Oneness- which is what I truly believe in – it took me a while to live these ideals and it may be a bit of an adjustment for you as well.

You see, I’ve seen myself as a being walking my path individually, for most of my life.

As a woman brought up in the 50s and 60s by a mother who rebelled against her generation- one that didn’t value women’s contributions to our daily life outside of the home-I was taught to be fiercely independent.

By 17 my family was a mess and I was so hungry for freedom and a new life that I left home with $75 in my pocket.

I don’t think that’s what my mother was looking for when she told me that I could be anything I wanted to be in the world- regardless of other people’s perceptions of my capabilities.

But I needed peace.

I needed to breathe. And so my road to independence began.

I didn’t need anyone or anything, I had it down.

It’s a long, long road between my 16 year old self and the woman I am today at 67.

But as I look back, I see that while I’ve had two marriages, two other significant partnerships, many friendships, and professional relationships, I think I always saw myself as walking my path alone.

I continued to believe that independence was my key to freedom, until I teamed with Source. That’s when I understood the idea of collaboration, that’s when I fully realized how powerful and fulfilling working together can be.

After all, you can’t have Source channel through you and not get the concept of collaboration!

My story isn’t unique. Where are you?

Do you feel as if you go it alone?

Do you have significant relationships but still feel as if you can only rely on you?

Many of my students -heart centered coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, and other spiritual healers who come to Practical Spirituality to learn how to live their spiritual beliefs- how to respond to difficulty from love- are also working to be more interdependent and collaborative.

Perhaps you’re working on this too?

Do you find yourself jealous of others as they post their accomplishments on social media?

Are you hesitant to create programs for your community that involve other experts in your field?

Do you turn down invitations to guest blog believing that someone else is just looking for your content to fill their space?

While it’s true that you need to discern wisely who you choose to collaborate with, making sure that you are each in similar energetic frequency, the experience of collaborating and being interdependent is a true gift.

“One and one is 3, not two.” Spirit told me years ago.

They said, that when two people come together the third vector, the divine completes the triad”.

When you work with others source is always at your side, for the coming together of frequencies for the betterment of all, is truly a divine act.

So beloved, take a look at your life.

Look at your personal as well as your business relationships and intentions and wishes.

Which part of your life would be best served by you opening to interdependence and collaboration?

There are many truths in the world of spirit and one I love particularly is: Everything that heals can hurt and everything that hurts can heal.

I’ve learned that every belief, each state all energy and every way of being that serves at one point, that heals, can also hurt at another time. I’ve also seen that everything that hurts can heal.

The road I started on to independence, served me well for many years, but as I opened to love, to being loving, to feeling connected to source and to other people on a deep, deep level, independence was no longer a fit.

And so interdependence and collaboration became my new foundation.

I invite you to look at your life.

Discover where independence is serving you and where it is not. Examine where interdependence, working with others, relying on them, and contributing to their world would serve you as well. 

Know that you always have choice and then my friend, in each moment, choose well!

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