If I were to ask you where would you like your life to be, would you rather have a life that’s grounded from your interior world, or would you rather retain a life that’s grounded in physicality? You know physicality. It’s that world of being a human. It’s living in the physical world. A place that we all know is full of an awful lot of chaos.

While we’ll always move in the physical world because we are in human form, we are energy in physicality and human form, we can choose a life that is grounded in our interior. What do I mean by that? I mean you have a choice. You can choose to visit your world of intuition, your spiritual, your soul, your world of connection to your spiritual values. You can choose that world by going to yoga, by meditating, taking a walk in the woods, sitting at the ocean as I am right this very minute.

Most people, they visit their interior world. Their daily life is not a reflection of the connection that they have there. They visit. It becomes a respite for them. That’s fine. If you choose to have a life that really is grounded in your spiritual values, that’s a possibility for you. That’s a very big possibility. It takes work, it takes commitment, and it all starts with choice. The choice is yours. Do you want a world, do you want to walk in the world, do you want your world to be a world of peace? A center, a core that is never shaken regardless of what your finances are or your health is or whether or not you are part of a partnership? Do you want to have peace 24/7? That’s a choice you can make. That’s a choice you can work towards. That’s what making your life your practice is.

If you’d like to make your life your practice, which in my world means visiting the physical world and always being connected to your interior world, know that’s a very big possibility for you, a very real possibility. Then, if it calls to you, please visit my website and see how I can help you to make your life your practice. You don’t need me to do that for you. You don’t need to work with me for that to happen for you. That’s why I’ve created this blog so you can know that that possibility is yours for the taking. You can make your life your practice. If you choose to have a partner in that, take a look, see what I do as a teacher. I’d be honored to help you to stop visiting your interior and switch the paradigm.

Let’s switch the paradigm. Instead of visiting the interior through yoga, meditation, occasional workshops, let’s visit the real world. Let’s start to live in spiritual integrity and move forward in making our life our practice together.

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