Many spiritual students have come to a fork in the road.

They’ve read the books, they do yoga. They have gone to a workshop or two, and accessed dozens of free-meditation challenges, E books and viewed tons of free you tube videos on spiritual development.

Yet they realize they still have not integrated the material into their lives. They are still impatient. They continue to judge others harshly, and still suffer from anxiety and worry. Many are not even close to manifesting their wishes.

Is this you?
Is this your fork in the road?

Will you take the deep dive to learn how to live your spiritual beliefs 24/7 or will you choose to keep circling around your commitment?

Are you ready for a new lifestyle-one where you choose to use all your stress and fear as transformational tools that enable you to create an extraordinary life- one where peace, calm and deep gratitude are experienced regardless of your current state?

Do you want to learn how to use all of your daily difficulties as opportunities to increase your consciousness and shift into a peaceful state?

If so, you are ready to take on what I call living the lifestyle of a Monk without a Monastery!

Years ago if you wanted to live your spiritual values, you had to become a nun, a priest or a rabbi. Spiritual people would leave their homes and become aesthetes living in a cave in India.

Being a Monk without a Monastery today is you not living in a cave as a holy being, but rather you staying here and learning how to use all of your tough daily life experiences as your practice pad to increase your consciousness and walk in the energy of peace.

For your response to daily stress, difficulty and even tragedy is paradoxically the most important and available tool you have to experience gratitude, peace and understanding.

Spirit told me years ago that the only reason we’ve been given difficulties in the physical world, is so that each time we encounter a moment of low frequency we remember to respond from love.

As we respond from the highest nature of our being we are activating that high frequency within us. Each time we activate high-frequency we become more of what we put our attention on.
We become more patient, more tolerant and more accepting of ourselves and of others.

But you most likely don’t do that.
You have not been trained to respond to life from love.
You have been conditioned to respond to any type of difficulty with more of the same.
But the time has come to change, to shift. It’s time to be a Monk without a monasteries!

Please take a look at the video below that I created for my teachers online Turquoise Table Event (tickets are still available

Watch all the way and learn how you can use any difficulty in your life to increase your state of high consciousness.

AMAZING! A new use for difficulty!

Perhaps it was easier years ago when beings left the world in order to live a spiritual life. Yet, the gift is that today you get to be here, to live with those you love AND you get to use daily life difficulties as your practice pad for spiritual transformation.

This is not easy work but it’s very doable with a loving guide.

If you are ready to deepen your work, and you wish to become a Monk without a Monastery… please reach out to me and we will set up a no fee call to discuss your path and see how the teachings of Practical Spirituality will serve you well!

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