We all experience our lives based on the level of consciousness we are now holding.

What we call our reality, is simply a reflection of where we place our attention.

We live in a world of polarity, and so every difficulty has a mirror side of positive good.

You get to choose where you put your attention and so as difficulty arrives you can choose to focus on the difficulty thus creating more pain, or choose to place your attention on the other aspects of you, your day and your life, that hold goodness.

Where you place your attention has everything to do with the level of peace you experience.
To experience more peace, become aware of when you are in stress, when you are irritated or worried. Then choose to transform your state into one of peace.

This is not an easy task and most likely you don’t know that you have a mighty tool that can help you transform difficulty into peace.

Please listen to the podcast below. It’s an interview I recently recorded with Dr.Jean Farish for her show LOVE LIGHT. In the interview we discuss this topic and I will take you through a practice that will enable you to make the shift from a place of difficulty into equanimity!

LOVE LIGHT With Dr. Jean Farish
Podcast Interview With Selina Maitreya
Topic: On How to Turn Any Difficulty Irritation or Tragedy Into Peace

If you need additional help learning how to turn any difficulty into calm and you seek the support of a guide, please send me an email at: selina@selinamaitreya.com

We’ll set a time to talk (no fee) about your wish to let go of worry and stress and your desire to become more enlightened, to be able to feel and express all of the joy you so deserve. I’ll share with you the process and the wisdom that is Practical Spirituality and together we will explore whether this is a path for you to begin.

Please take a moment to read what one of my students Deborah, has said about our work together:

“Working with Selina deepened and expanded my life, my spiritual practice, my world outlook in so many powerful ways! Her wise counsel, laser-insights, and profound channelings from Spirit really nudged me to consider new perspectives and ways of being. And I now have a “library” of her amazing meditations to tap into whenever I need to be inspired, grounded or energized. Thank you, Selina, for your compassion, your open heart and your practical, spiritual support.”

Deborah Roth
Spirited Living Teacher

Each shift we sake to make starts with the knowledge that we have choice. The concept that CHOICE is a gift, is one that you do not want to ignore !

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