2020 AND 2021 were years that showed us without a doubt, that even the dark spaces hold a bit of light!

While Covid 19 took the lives of so many people throughout the world, devastating businesses, crushing dreams, and taxing many beyond what they thought their breaking point was, we also had the opportunity to experience gratitude in its many forms.

The ways we were used to enjoying our lives attending theater, going to movies, restaurants, live music, sporting events, spending time with friends and family were all but removed.

And yet, in what was taken away, we had the opportunity to bring our attention, to what remained.

We were brought, some of us willingly- some of us kicking and screaming- after a day, of endless zoom meetings, nonstop family and work responsibilities to the quiet that always has existed. People began walking in the woods, baking bread, others learned to meditate, to focus on the smaller pleasures in life, and many of us became acutely aware of how gratitude surrounds us daily.

While we all had the opportunity to look deeply into ourselves and correct the places within us that still held privilege, fear and judgment, we also had the opportunity to clearly see and change what needed to be shifted.

Some of us had the opportunity to live with family members, to choose to be in their company over zoom, and we came to realize that we cannot afford to take our loved ones or any love we choose to give or receive, for granted.

These are the many gifts, that were indeed the light, in a year that was very dark.

We have now entered into the year 2021.
Take a breath, take two.
For this is the true year of Aquarius, the era when all possibilities can be realized.

What will you do with a year that finds the portals wide open to support your dreams and aspirations that serve your highest good and the highest good for all?

If you need help and support to find, to be or to shine your light out into the world, send me an email at: selina@selinamaitreya.com

We’ll set a time to talk (no fee) about your wish to let go of worry and stress and your desire to become more enlightened, to be able to feel and express all of the joy you so deserve.

Take a moment please to read what Carole Hyatt, best-selling author and CEO of Getting To Next! says about the teachings of Practical Spirituality:

In these tumultuous times, learning to become calm and peaceful is a great gift. Selina gives us that gift so easily.

During our call, I’ll share with you the process and the wisdom that is Practical Spirituality and together we will explore whether this is a path for you to begin.

As we close, may I suggest you start by stepping into the light? For this is truly your year to step into the light and be seen!

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