You can witness your sadness without becoming it.
You can experience anger without being the anger you feel.
You can have any emotion without losing yourself within it.

These are factual statements.

I live them every day and they are the states that many of my students have attained. Other students are now working diligently to experience the peace that settles in once they have learned how to experience, but not become their emotions or negative thoughts.

For many, these statements will seem to be fiction. After all, most of us have been conditioned to believe that we are our emotions and we are our worries.

We see ourselves as: “I”’ or “Me”, as a one- dimensional person.
As one- dimensional beings, how can we change who we are?

But in actuality we are multi-dimensional beings.

We have a physical body and a physical brain.
Each, a dimension of who we are.

We also have a personality and a history in our body.
Two more aspects of our being.

Let’s not forgot our emotional body and our history of pain.
I call the history of pain our low frequency energy field.

Our inherent high frequency that we call love – our consciousness, our intuitive body, is our highest knowing- this is also a part of our multi-dimensionality.

One or more aspects of our multi-dimensional being are actively functioning at any time and the consequences of this statement are profound.

For its within your capacity as a multi-dimensional being, to be able to experience, without becoming any state you are in.

Becoming any experience is a choice and a result of where you choose to put your attention.

While the emotional body is not able to experience anything other than emotion, and the thinking mind often gets stuck within the thoughts it holds, the consciousness of who you are, your intuitive body your highest knowing, is the witness that is able to watch any another aspect of you without becoming it.

It is here in your intuitive body that you can learn to reside as you move through your day. This is the aspect of your being that you need to develop.
It is here in your higher consciousness, that you can witness any other aspect of your being, without becoming the state itself.

You may not be placing your attention there now, but you can learn to do that!

Hold onto that piece of information while you take on another deep spiritual truth. You are your attention and what you put your attention on grows.

As you put your attention on whatever difficulty you are experiencing, you create more of that frequency.

Please, read that again, as it’s an important piece of information.

While It’s important to note your emotions and it’s crucial to recognize your thoughts, when they don’t serve- you need to know how to transform them.

Events come and go but you choosing to energetically hold on to them long after the moment has passed, is no doubt, the cause of much of your distress.

The solution is for you to learn how to shift from your conditioned state of functioning as a one dimensional being, to choosing to acknowledge your higher consciousness, and access and actualize it as the tool that enables you to experience any emotion or thought without becoming it.

This is not an easy or short term process. It requires effort, time, more effort, lots of heart, more time, discipline and often a seasoned guide.

The benefits of taking on this work are enormous!

Imagine being able to move through your life, noticing a moment when someone cut you off on the road and you were able to calmly and kindly wish them well.

Visualize what it would look like if the next time your teenager, your parent, your spouse, or your co-worker did something that previously drove you crazy and you were able to say: “isn’t that curious?” And then you simply let it go.

What would it be like to read about the injustice that exists all around you, or to read political posts that you deeply disagree with, and choose to bless all involved, and then put your attention on positive actions that you can take to contribute to the well-being of our world?

It would be my pleasure to speak with you about what your new world might look like.
Please feel free to reach out to me at:

We will set a time (no fee) to talk about your experiences now, and I’ll share with you the steps that we can take that will start you on the path to living the life of abundance, and ease and peace that you so deserve. Take a moment now to read what Julia says about the work:

“I value Selina’s practical approach to spirituality because it is with the application of information where most of us struggle. How often do we catch ourselves saying – “I know…” while continuing to move through the ruts of our daily routines as though we know nothing at all? That is why Selina is the “teacher of teachers.” She not only knows the intangible, governing principles, but also lives them. And it is this real-life mergence between thought and action that leads to true wisdom and the ability to guide others in living their truth. Selina listens closely, feels deeply, thinks clearly and speaks with a powerful grace that touches the soul. So if the universe brought her into your life… I would pay attention, and be grateful for the gift, as I am.”

Julia S/ NYC
Transformational Coach

Your life experience is made up of your daily life events.
Your daily life events are the result of your past conditioning or your choice to become a fully conscious, multi -dimensional being.

When you choose to leave your conditioning behind, you let go of the limitations you’ve carried around for a lifetime and you can then open up to a world of new possibilities, one where you begin to fully experience life, choosing which thoughts and emotions to acknowledge, to grow, to live within.

This is where true freedom lies.

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