When I ask my students is it more important for you to be “right”, or do you seek peace, almost every student will tell me they desire peace. However when their actions are played back to them, they realize that they are living through the desire of always wanting to be “right”.

Take a moment.

Think about the times you’ve felt empowered by arguing your position with a friend or family member about politics, vaccinations, about how they should be living their life.

How often do you find your emotions rising when you tell your teenagers why it’s important to listen to your guidance?

When was the last time you said something foolish and instead of raking yourself over the coals, you simply gave yourself grace?

Perhaps your need to be right, shows up for you on the roads. When someone cuts you off suddenly, do you calmly let them have the space they seem to need, or do you immediately curse them and raise your middle finger.

The desire to be right, is the product of our egoic mind on full display. When our ego co-opts our total Lifestream, we are fully seated in judgment.

Judgment, is easy to explain yet harder to release.

Years ago during a personal teaching, Spirit shared with me that judgment is: An observation with an opinion attached.

Think about that. Judgment is in observation with an opinion attached.

As you sit with that definition, it may sound as if it would be very simple to release your judgment as you move through the world, simply observing what you see. But for most people the sad truth is that an observation doesn’t happen without a judgment already attached.

Releasing judgment is a multi-layered task that involves much observation, and a willingness to work diligently to shift your consciousness each time you see yourself immediately in opinion mode.

Shifting from judgment and moving forward to observing and not needing to form opinions about everything you see, runs counter to the conditioning that we all have experienced from the time we were born.

Our societal and familial conditioning, where opinions are valued and encouraged – about every aspect of our life and the life of others – is deeply seated, often not even noticed, yet highly influential.

In order to begin the process of letting go of your opinions, and moving forward in observation and not judgment, begin to witness you.

Observe your thoughts and feelings as they happen, and begin to notice where and when your emotional charges occur. These observations will enable you to see the places in your life – the situations and relationships-where you tend to be in judgment more than observation.

This is the first step to take.

As you go through the process of watching your actions, make sure to hold the energy of grace in your front pocket.

For undoubtedly as you observe the way you walk in the world you will find yourself surprised at how often you are truly working from a place of judgment. Spiraling into guilt and shame (words that signal judgement is present) is a distraction you can’t afford, as indeed this is the very frequency you are looking to shift out of.

Instead, invoke grace, for you.

Grace is simply the act of saying:” I did my best. I didn’t succeed. I’ll try again tomorrow.”

In saying these words you are laying down your effort without an opinion attached and right then, right there…you are starting to be in observation mode, as you view your own efforts without an opinion. You simply lay them down.

And this is my friend, is the beauty of the work of Practical Spirituality. For the changes we seek within our world always begin with our behavior, with our actions. And this is where I find true freedom!

For as we choose to seek to observe our own actions, we begin to shift the societal conditioning that tells us that our brains and emotions should be our guidance system and we are better able to acknowledge and access our intuitive body as our directional compass 24/7. As we work intuitively we become conscious beings, able to access the love that is our natural inheritance!

And so once again we see that difficulty in our life – this time moving from judgment to observation – is a task well worth taking on. For as we make the effort to observe our actions and we choose to lay down the judgment of ourselves, enabling us to come back to observation, we are raising our consciousness and increasing our vibration.

Being able to move in the physical world as high vibrational beings, grounded in observation and not judgment is indeed a lovely way to lead a life!

If you find these words resonating with you, yet you feel you need a guide to help you through the changes you seek, reach out to me (selina@selinamaitreya.com) and we’ll set up a time to speak. I’d be honored to support you as you let go of your judgments and begin to build a world of peace that you so deserve!

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