One of the most challenging tasks spiritual beings have is to walk in the physical world within their spiritual integrity, 24/7.

Difficult as this is, it is also the most important daily step that you can take on your path, and the quickest way to experience daily peace and build a truly abundant life.

Spiritual integrity is the phrase I use to describe living your spiritual values. When you are living your spiritual values, your actions in your daily world are in alignment with your beliefs.

You may believe yourself to be patient, kind and tolerant, but do your actions represent you truly holding those energies?

You might be thinking right about now, “No Selina, no-one is always patient, kind and tolerant and neither am I.” This honest statement is often followed with: “We are only human after all!”

But you are more than human!

You are indeed high frequency energy in a physical form, and your physicality is the only aspect of your humanity… your high frequency, the divinity that is present within you each and every moment is what takes you beyond your humanity, but you need to choose to access that high state in order for it to be present in your life.

Your access is available as soon as chaos lands.
For it’s your choice to respond in a positive, loving way to the difficulty that lands in your world, that transforms chaotic energy into a higher frequency.

That shift, enables your next moment to be created from the high frequency energy of your response.

This one act is so hard to do when you are grounded in your humanity. Yet it is the key to your peace and to your ability to create abundance in your life!

In order to move past your human response, you’ll need to learn how to transform each moment, and it is here that I can be of help to you. Reach out to me and learn how to transform each moment of pain into peace.

The situation, and relationships, where you are now unable to be the values you hold, are the keys to your work in evolving as a light being and being able to be more than your humanity.

If you ignore them, or push them away, believing that your humanity excuses your behavior, then you will stay stuck in your human form and miss the opportunity to shift, and expand your consciousness.

When you brush aside your inability to hold kindness or patience or any other value you believe to be important, telling yourself and others,” I’m only human” you miss the moment that Source is giving you to recognize and shift into higher frequencies. You in essence deny your Lifestream the opportunity to check in with higher guidance to ask: What am I to learn from my unkind act, from my lack of concern?

Clearly, your current vibrational dis-abilities are truly the doorways to your never – ending conscious development.

Spirit told me years back that all difficulty, every single moment of pain is an expression of fear and all fear is an opportunity to respond from love… thus transforming any chaos that lands into a higher frequency that serves.

Here are their exact words:

“Your most prevalent and accessible tool for change is the low frequency vibration that until now has kept you from the extraordinary life you seek. While you may have previously unconsciously chosen fear as your constant companion, you can now consciously choose to recognize it in the moment and use it as a transformational tool then and there converting what was once a difficulty into a blessing.”

Now, knowing that your moments of unkindness are actual blessings, move forward in your world, noticing each piece of difficulty and ask the masters to show you what aspect of your Lifestream needs adjusting… then get down to work and begin the process of opening to a kinder, more loving you!

If as you read these words, if you realize that it’s finally your time to evolve into a being of love who leads a rich life full of connection and abundance, and you know that you can’t make this shift alone, and you seek a loving, knowledgeable, connected guide, reach out to me and we will set a time (no fee ) to talk and begin your transformation.

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