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As a teacher for heart centered leaders, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs,

I’m gifted with a window into the blocks that my students consistently experience.

The one continual challenge most of my students experience when they come to teachings, is one that is hidden to them, yet it’s often the core reason why they have yet to achieve the growth and success they desire in their business and life.

The obstacle I refer to is what I call hiding in the spiritual closet.

Conscious beings, those who choose to explore the inner realms, those who meditate, pray and commune with their higher knowing, often in their early days, keep their relationship with the divine personal and secret.

Do you recognize yourself here?

sunlit pathway

I remember how excited and scared I was when I was starting to receive spiritual material from source. I was a consultant working in the business world with artists, married to a man who was grounded in the physical world, surrounded by friends and neighbors, all good people yet none of them were not connected to source on a deep level at all.

And there I was, communing with entities that had no physicality, and choosing to leave the physical world and go to quiet any moment I could. I was soooo excited about the exploration into the world of spirit, and feeling as if I was home, for the very first time in my life, yet feeling unable to share any of what I was experiencing, with even the most important people in my life.

I was afraid and so early in my unfolding, that fear was still holding me tight in its grip.

While my neighbors were busy exchanging cookie recipes and talking about soccer games, I was counting the minutes until I could pick up the book I was reading on frequency.

I loved cooking dinner every night for my family, and when everyone went to watch TV, I went to my bedroom to meditate.

I felt that there was no one in my physical world that I could share my new world with, except my teacher. I didn’t feel that my husband, or my friends would understand.

It was in the 1990’s and yoga and meditation were still not as prevalent as they are today.  I was convinced that at best, no one would get what I was experiencing and at worst, everyone would think I was crazy. 

I never spoke of the wondrous world I was inhabiting and didn’t realize at the time that I was putting myself deeper and deeper into my spiritual closet, until I started feeling very alone.

Does any of this ring true for you?

Are you holding back and not sharing the spiritual aspect of your life with your beloveds?

Do you find yourself feeling as if you’re “visiting” your spiritual life only to come back into your physical world?

Do you allow doubt to creep in and dilute your true experiences?

Do you feel as if you make two steps forward and several steps back in your growth as a spiritual student?

Do you feel like a phony?

These are statements that many of my students have made. When we explore why they are not achieving success in business or in their life.

They tell me they feel as if they are visiting the world of spirit not truly yet inhabiting it.

In our exploration, we usually reach a spot where they realize they are not truly walking in their spirituality in their daily life. They tip their toes into the divine only to run back to the world of form, worried that others have noticed their absence.

The result of this back and forth between two worlds leaves them hiding who they are, not living their fullest expression, and not being in alignment with their beliefs.

Where does this show up for you?  

Do you find yourself wondering…

What will my neighbors think if they know I have an active relationship with the divine?

How can I tell my partner that I channel a spirit when he’s so grounded in the physical world and doesn’t really understand what I do?

How much can I mention going to quiet, and exploring the divine within without “turning off” my clients and friends?

Being a heart centered being provides you enter into a splendid world.

It is an amazingly wonderful experience to be so connected with the higher realms that your life is guided by source.

How incredibly exciting it is to be able to close your eyes and allow direction to land within your body, never having to engage your mind to think about what to do next.

How lovely to have the inner quiet to turn to when the outer world is buzzing and experiencing so much activity and chaos.

Hold this remembrance close, as you trust in the truth of who you are, and let that knowing and faith propel you forward, feeling free to be all that you are with every breath you take!

Commit to no longer holding any aspect of your spiritual being back.

For you know that your task is not to convert or to convince others, but to simply be the truth of who you are!

To begin to come out of your closet and be the truth of who you are, practice being in neutrality with those in your daily life 24/7.

Leave the fear of being “found out” behind, by choosing to let others in.

Live your life by example, being the light during times of chaos and difficulty.

In taking these steps your vibrational amplification will be experienced by those around you.

red fall leaves

As you begin the journey of coming out of your spiritual closet and the totality of who you truly are, if you need a guide, turn to me. Reach out. Send me an email (selina@selinamaitreya.com)

We’ll set a time to talk (no fee) about where you are and together we’ll discover how to open the door.

Come out of your spiritual closet and come into the light.

What you might find is what I discovered oh so many years ago…those you have been hiding from, have seen your light all along!

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