Making decisions for many people can be a very, very difficult task. In fact, some people get paralyzed making commitments. Other people, regard decision making, as quite simple or quite easy.

I remember when I was a little girl, my grandfather, my mother’s father,Jack was from Poland. He was a tailor and he lived in the Bronx with my Grandma Lily. He was one of the wisest people I know. I absolutely loved him and he adored me.

I remember once at some point when I was just about a teenager, asking my grandfather about making decisions.

I had a decision to make an didn’t know how to do so.

Although his name was Jack, I called him Grandpa Pop.

I remember saying, “Grandpa Pop, I can’t figure this out. How do I make my choice?”

My grandfather, in a way that only Grandpa Pop could do, took his cigar out of his mouth,pondered for a moment and then he he looked at me. He said, “ What you do is you think with your mind. You feel with your heart, and you go with your gut.”

Think with your mind. Feel with your heart. Go with your gut.

I love that. I’ve never forgotten that. As I got older, as I learned about the world of spirit, I understood the difference between our thinking mind, and our sensing.

My grandfather’s advice took on a whole new patina. I realized what he was saying. What he had given me was the holistic view. The brain is important. We need to think. about our question. But we also need to feel it through our body. Then, we make the decision with our sensing, with our knowing in our spiritual body, in our gut. That’s where our sensing lies. In our gut.

My grandfather, wise Pop that he was, gave me advice at a very young age that I share with you. Don’t get bent out of shape about decisions. Don’t get thrown or rattled. Simply do what Grandpa Pop suggested. Think with your brain. Feel with your heart. Go with your gut.

Tell me what your process is. Spend a moment and share with us all, if you would, your thoughts on this blog post, your practices, what you do. How do you make decisions? Are they easy for you? Do you get rattled? What do you think about my Grandpa’s suggestion? I think it was wonderful. You may not. I’d love to hear from you, so leave a post below.

We’ll be talking soon.

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