Many students who come to practical spirituality are already on a path. They may be yoga teachers, people who meditate regularly, they’ve possibly worked with other spiritual teachers. They’ve gone to workshops. They’ve read lots of books on spirituality, on energy work, on Buddhism, on Taoism, on different practices. They’ve studied teachers like Caroline Myss and Eckhart Tolle. They’ve followed Deepak Chopra and possibly done silent retreats.

What hasn’t happened for these dedicated students is that they haven’t moved what they know into their daily life. They haven’t integrated the knowledge so their life still yet is not a representation of their beliefs. They haven’t incorporated their values into how they be in their daily life.

Students who have been studying for some time, who have done the work, incorporated their values quite a bit, and see their state has changed, may find themselves calmer.

Upon reflection they realize they have more compassion, more understanding, yet they notice that in their primary relationships, in the relationships with their teenagers, lovers, in the relationships with their in-laws, or their immediate family they are still out of alignment with their values. Sometimes this misalignment shows up in the way that they interact in relationships that are very transitory, relationships with people on the phone as they\’re trying to straighten out a bill or discuss service with one of the providers we go through in our daily life.

The idea is it’s time to take spirituality out of the yoga studio out of The Awakened retreat, or book you are studying and bring your values into your daily life. If you find you have a practice, you meditate, you do yoga, you do tai chi, you’ve gone to lots of workshops, read lots of books, but you still have not integrated what you know into your life, let that be a wake up call that you might give yourself. Let it be a wake up call. No criticism needed, but action taken. Let this be an alarm clock alerting you to move and learn how to bring the many faces of love that you have been studying and reading about and accessing on a yoga mat, experiencing through meditation, coming in contact with through the books you’ve read and the workshops you’ve gone to, have this now be a wake up call to bring those expressions of love into your everyday life.

Come and learn Practical Spirituality where you will discover the steps you need to take to come to a place where your life is an expression of the love that’s inside of you. It’s there. It’s buried.

Some people have done the work and in doing the work of reading, the workshops, meditation, doing yoga, little by little you’ve brought that energy forward in your body so it is more present in the day to day world. Now it’s time to use that and learn how to bring that energy into form so it shows up. It’s clear, it’s evident in your response to life. that’s what Practical Spirituality is all about. Making your life your practice.

Yoga is a practice. Meditation is a practice. It’s time now to make your life your practice. Respond to every situation, challenge, event in your life from one of the many faces of love which might look like compassion, wisdom, patience, tolerance. Let’s get it off the mat. Let’s get it out of the meditation room. Let’s make your life your practice. Have your life be an expression of love.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Have you been doing yoga? Have you been meditating? Do you feel your life is in alignment with the values you have? Could you still tweak it up a bit? Where are you? Where are you in making your life your practice? Let us know. We’ll be talking soon.

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