The consistency of our time and attention when we approach practical spirituality is very, very important. The concept of practical spirituality is to approach our everyday life and to respond to the challenges, to our relationships, opportunities, events, from one of the many faces of love. This looks like, as things happen instead of getting lost inside the event we  always keep an awareness that there is a response we can have in any situation that comes from love.

As events arise, as challenges show up we train ourselves, to respond form love. This is a practice, we train ourselves to automatically say, “I see I’m having an opportunity here to not lose myself to my emotions” We use our emotions as an alarm clock and we say, “I have choice. What face of love shall I respond with?” Is it patience? Kindness? Grace? Tolerance?

As you choose that face of love and as you move forward in it, you are actually bringing about an energetic shift, you’re bringing about a different energy.

Let’s see what that looks like. You’re standing in a subway in a very busy city. You’re in New York possibly, where I am. You’re at the end of the day. It’s time to go home. All you want is to be home, nothing more than that. You’re not there yet. You’re on a train. It’s hot. It’s summer. You’re standing amongst many people. You’re crowded like sardines in a can. But,  sardines don’t have to breathe. There’s no room to breathe. You’re hot. The last thing you want is the person next to you to be so close.

You feel your emotions starting to rise. You’re tired. You’re getting irritated. One person does one thing and the train turns and the next thing you know, you are just really finding  yourself on the way to being outraged. You can’t stand the closeness, the heat, the people. You just want to scream. You’re starting to feel that.

That emotion is your alarm clock to remember that you have choice to have a different response. Instead of going to that tight, automatic, can’t stand this feeling, you can use that
feeling to start to breathe, remember that you have options, to relax your muscles, to remind yourself this is just where I am now. This is not how I have to be.

As you breathe and relax and feel your body shift, you are responding from a face of love. You had your awareness. You felt your feelings. You used them as an alarm clock. You chose to be different. You chose to remember that your current situation or state was not the totality of who you are. You remembered that you could choose to experience this very hot,  uncomfortable subway in a different way. As you relaxed, you remembered you had earplugs, you had a sound system on your phone. You chose to go to a beautiful track that relaxed you.

That’s practical spirituality. Choosing to be in the energy of love.even in tough circumstances. In this case, you were responding from acceptance and choosing a different situation.

That practice repeated over and over and over is what shifts the quality of your life. We can’t go to the gym and expect to build a bicep if we only pick up a weight once a week. We can’t go to the gym and pick up a weight every day and only do 5 repetitions and expect our bicep to grow. This is a discipline. This is work, just like going to the gym is work. Consistent effort, vigilance, awareness, remembering we have choice, having the tool bag to choose which response is appropriate at any given time to any of your life situations and then choosing that response, honoring our humanity as we do so, giving ourselves grace. These different steps that we utilize in Practical Spirituality need to be front and center
every day.

We are ultimately looking to walk 24/7 in the many faces of love. That is very possible. This is Practical Spirituality. Remember the consistency of your efforts represents the totality of your shift. If you\’re looking to shift from being brain and emotionally centered to bringing your energetic body, your intuitive body forward and having your intuitive body lead the way, consistency of effort is most important.

Commit not to perfection. Commit to consistency. Have a great day.

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