Honoring your humanity. It’s important. It’s important to not denigrate but to celebrate who we are in our totality. Sometimes when we’re on a spiritual path and we’re so invested in bringing forward the intuitive body and beginning to work from the intuitive rather than the brain and emotional state, which is where we’re usually functioning from, when we’re in that process of bringing forward the divine and having that lead our way, there is sometimes a tendency to denigrate, to make less the parts in us, the thinking mind, the feelings and to put them aside or hold them in a place where we say, “Go away.”

We’re taught in certain spiritual material that we read that our ego doesn’t serve us and we’re looking to replace our ego. I would kindly suggest that our ego serves us quite well. What we need to do is indeed not to replace it but to ask our ego and our emotional state to step to the side instead of being the main thrust in who we are.

In the work of Practical Spirituality where we seek to bring our ethereal body, forward, our emotional body goes to the side. Our thinking body comes to the side. Our ethereal body, our spiritual body, our higher good, our higher knowing comes front and center.

We honor our humanity by not dissing the ego, or dissing the emotional state, rather by putting them in their proper place. As we approach life and respond to challenges and relationships from the many faces of love, from tolerance, kindness, and compassion. We are bringing forward in the physical realm 24/7 our energetic body, our higher knowing. As we bring our intuitive body forward as a response in each situation we are shifting the paradigm that we grew over time to create. When we came into our body we came into our body completely in this state where our higher good was all we knew. Our connection to source was strong.

Think of babies. They come into a room, everybody responds to them. Why? Because everybody knows they are the closest to source. Everyone, regardless of how far away they are, has the remembrance and that remembrance is what responds to that baby.

In the work of Practical Spirituality we bring that remembrance forward so much so that we become, we become the energy that we are that is right now for most people, buried deep inside.

As you go through the process of making your life your practice, of remembering to respond to life from one of the many faces of love, as you do that and you bring the higher good forward, you bring the etheric body forward, having that make the choices in your life, you will automatically have your brain, your ego, your emotional state move over to the right. There’s not enough space for all of them. Honor them as you do that. Do it with a sense of honor and reverence. Our brain is a hugely important tool. Our emotional state is an alarm clock that lets us know when and how we should respond to life and with which face of love to do so.

Honor our humanity. This process of utilizing and walking through life with practical spirituality is not one of shame and blame. It is one where we look at who we are and what
we have to work with and we build on that. We celebrate that. We move forward in that. That’s love. That’s love.

Honor your humanity. All of who you are is perfect.

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