Living in your own truth, is not an easy thing to do. Maybe that’s why so many people in our world today are so interested in everybody else’s truth. In fact, many people are interested in everybody else’s business. We’ve got magazines that blare the stories of not only celebrities but anyone who has any type of visibility in our world. We have TV shows that are going into the lives of all kinds of people who have dysfunctions and parading them in front of the world as if it was news.

Many, many, many people today are buying into the distraction of other people’s lives instead of spending the time to discover and make real what their truth is. You know, living in your truth isn’t just about how you build your life or the type of life you build. It’s about knowing moment to moment what is really truly important to you. That applies to the times when you feel you need to be right in a conversation with a family member, coworker, or friend. You take a position on something and you stand on it, fight for it. Is it more important to be right in that moment? Is it important to have peace? What’s your truth?

Finding your truth applies to your state throughout the day. Is it important to be on Facebook for that extra hour or would you be better served with an hour of quiet reflection walking in the woods? Just sitting in a chair quietly, what is your truth? Are you open to it? Do you know it? Are you connected to the parts of yourself, to the resources that you have that can help you to identify your truths?

In a deeper realm, what’s your truth about who you are? Are you the energy of love? Do you work toward living in that truth every day? Are you still journeying on your path, waiting to discover what your understanding and your identity and your beliefs truly are? What’s your truth?

It’s very hard as we walk through the world to know what our truth is at any time. BUT it is very possible to access. With commitment and effort we begin to know who we are not only in the moments, but in the depths of our actual being.

That’s a very rich and a very wonderful place to be. It’s not a destination, however, that we get to. That ongoing question, “What is your truth?” is a practice. The real and final question I’ll leave you with is, “Is it a practice that you are willing to undertake?”

I hope this post has brought you some pause for thought.

We’ll be talking soon.

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